Talk shallowlythe gas path system of the mixing station


        The commercial concrete mixing station is mainly composed of six major systems: aggregate supply, powder supply, material weighing, mixing, electrical and pneumatic circuits. In commercial concrete stations, many agencies use pneumatic drives to work. The pneumatic drive has the advantages of low cost and no pollution, and avoids the defects that oil leakage and ash are liable to occur in the oil passage system.

        1 gas path composition of commercial concrete station
        The gas path of the commodity concrete station is usually composed of a collecting valve 1, a filter reducing valve 2, a flow assisting cushion 3, a pneumatic butterfly valve 4, a pneumatic spherical vibrator 5, an air compressor 6, a gas source triplex 7, and a gas storage tank 8. , cylinder 9 and air pipe 10 and so on.

        The high-pressure gas from the air compressor is processed by the gas source triple piece and enters the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve receives the control signal, the corresponding circuit is turned on, and the compressed air enters the driving element (cylinder, vibrator, flow-assisted air cushion). Complete the corresponding action (the door switch, the vibration start and stop, the arching start and stop). When the pneumatic components are operated separately or simultaneously, the working pressure should be greater than 0.4 MPa.

         1.Air compressor

         Air compressor control methods are divided into two types: air control (semi-automatic) and ESC (automatic)

         2.Gas tank

         The gas tank is used to further separate the oil water and stabilize the gas pressure, which is beneficial to the normal operation of each pneumatic component.

         3.Gas source triple piece

         The preliminary purified compressed air output from the gas source device generally needs to be further processed by a pneumatic auxiliary component. Pneumatic auxiliary components are also commonly referred to as gas source triplex. It acts as a filter, decompression, and oil mist in the pneumatic system.

         4.Solenoid valve

         The function of the solenoid valve is to adjust the pressure, flow, and flow direction of the compressed air. It can be used to form various gas paths, so that the pneumatic actuators can work normally according to the designed procedure.

        5.Material batching and unloading cylinder

        The cylinder function is to convert the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy. In normal operation, the cylinder should be quickly placed in place with the on/off switch of the solenoid valve power supply. Due to the repeated movement of the cylinder piston, lubrication of the cylinder wall and the piston is very important.

         6. Arch breaker

         Because the cement and other powders are easy to arch due to moisture, the material is not smooth after arching, which affects the production. In severe cases, the screw machine may stop, so it is necessary to break the arch regularly. When the arch is broken, the high-pressure airflow is blown into the silo through a special broken arch head, causing the arch to be broken, thereby achieving the function of breaking the arch.

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