Main source of dust in concrete mixing plant


Main source of dust in concrete mixing plant

1. When the raw materials are fed to a mixer for production, raw materials such as sand, gravel, cement and fly ash are weighed and then put into the main unit of the mixer to generate dust. At the same time, pressure is generated instantaneously in the mixer and a negative pressure is generated in the symmetrical barrel. Weighing accuracy can easily lead to large losses of raw materials.

2. When the powder tanker bulk material tanker hits the material into the tank, the difference in material will produce cattle dust. At the same time, it is accompanied by pressure inside the warehouse. For such silos, not only the dust problem of the silo but also the pressure release in the warehouse should be considered.

3. Sand and sand fields and dumps Sand and dust fields are relatively prone to dust when discharged. The waste yard is mainly due to the viscous material of the vehicle, which takes the dust out of the road.

Concrete dust removal stations should pay attention to the following two problems:

1. Correctly design, arrange and rationally select dust removal equipment. Place the dust collector directly on the diagonal belt cover. All intake ducts are also connected to the inclined belt cover to provide space for dust blown through the duct, which is useful for reducing the amount of dust directly entering the dust collector. A pneumatic butterfly valve automatically controlled by the mixing station operating system is installed at the bottom of the dust collector of the dust collector.

2, should carefully check and maintain the dust removal equipment. The control of the dust collector of the silo dust collector is very important, but the customers of most concrete mixing plants are often unaware of its importance until it finds that the dust removal effect is not good. When the safety pressure reducing valve starts to dust, the dust collector is filled with dust. At this time, I only want to start the vibrating screen, except for the dust on the filter, which is too late and does not work. Therefore, each shift must check the dust collection tube for dust, because the non-vertical dust removal tube is prone to blockage. Regularly check the dust collection of each filter element of the dust collector. Remove and clean the filter cartridge if necessary.


Properly and rationally designing, arranging and selecting dust removal equipment not only ensures the overall quality of the mixing equipment, but is also important for reducing the cost of use and maintenance.

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