Rural concrete mixing plant site standardization is also very important


Rural mixing plant equipment, the fundamental way to improve efficiency is the maturity of equipment and labor, and standardization of the venue is also very important. The establishment of a standardized site, will help save transport time, improve the efficiency of the entire rural mixing station equipment. So, the user how to standardize the venue?

First of all, the site of the rural mixing plant equipment should be based on its production to determine the scale to ensure that the reserves of raw materials to meet the construction needs. This can be in the purchase before the detailed communication with the manufacturers of its area, and then make the appropriate planning.

Second, in order to ensure the summer concrete into the mold temperature, sand, gravel should be a solid scaffolding shelter protection, to shade, rain, dust and other purposes, and set or reserved for summer cooling and winter insulation measures to ensure that the concrete temperature Meet the requirements.

Moreover, the rural mixing plant material yard site and road must be ground-based treatment and surface hardening, and to meet the traffic requirements of heavy vehicles; site drainage facilities should be perfect, smooth drainage, no obvious water or pit concave phenomenon. Site inspection, clean, no dust, with fire, safe electrical facilities, various safety warning signs hanging. At the same time the establishment of sewage tanks, garbage pond, to meet environmental requirements.

Finally, the rural mixing station equipment silo partition reasonable, standard, silo reserves should meet the needs of two consecutive peak production. Sand, and gravel shall be stored in separate zones, and shall be set up according to the area to be examined and the qualified area. Each zone shall be separated by the separation wall according to different varieties and specifications, and the necessary washing or screening facilities shall be set or reserved .
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