Environmental protection large mixing station unique


With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, environmental protection has attracted more and more attention. After years of efforts, environment-friendly large-scale mixing station initial results, the specific characteristics are as follows:

1. Elimination of pollution control

¢Ù dust control. Environment-friendly large-scale mixing station with matching dust collector, automatic dust collection, dust collection and automatically enter the production system metering to reduce dust secondary pollution; in the gravel material field configuration spray device to reduce the operation of gravel Of the dust.

¢Ú wastewater treatment. The environment-friendly large-scale mixing station is equipped with sand and gravel separator and slurry reclaiming system. The waste water and residue generated by the mixing station are separated by sand and gravel separator. Re-enter the production of water systems, waste water, waste discharge zero.

¢Û noise control. Environmental protection large-scale mixing station with uniform gravel blanking system to reduce motor power and reduce noise; the entire station using low-noise motor system to reduce the impact of noise on the environment, vibration equipment and other equipment connected parts are arranged shock pad, Vibration noise.

2. Cut off the route of transmission

Environmentally friendly large-scale mixing stations cut off the transmission of pollution The most effective way is the entire station package, the package will be the source of pollution and the surrounding environment for effective isolation, the contaminants in a limited space control, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

3. Beautiful

Beautiful as the environment-friendly large-scale mixing station based requirements, can be summed up to say environmentally friendly mixing plant is mixing technology, environmental protection technology and architectural art of the perfect combination of modern factories. The whole station structure modeling has the esthetic sense, coordinates with the surrounding environment, the plan is reasonable.

In summary, the environment-friendly large-scale mixing station has the absolute advantage, different.
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