Why do the architects love fair-faced concrete?


Water commodity concrete, also known as decorative concrete products; It is a pouring molding, do not do any external decoration, direct use of cast-in-place commodity concrete surface as a natural surface effect, so different from ordinary commercial concrete, smooth surface, uniform color, angular, no damage and pollution, just The surface coated with one or two transparent protective agent, it is very natural, solemn.

Commercial concrete is the most advanced form of concrete, it shows the most essential beauty, embodies the "plain face" taste. Material itself has a soft feel, rigid feeling, warmth, cold sense of not only the human senses and the spirit of the impact, but also can express the building emotion.

More and more architects in the world are using clear concrete, such as world-class architects IM Pei, Ando Tadao and so on. Sydney, such as homes that angle, the National Grand Theater of Japan, prehistoric museums in Paris and other world-renowned art class public buildings, are used in this architectural art.

Not just the appearance of clear concrete, there are many benefits, which also makes it a wide range of applications.

1. Shougou commodity concrete is a veritable green commodity concrete: commercial concrete structure does not require decoration, rounding off the paint, finishes and other chemical products; is conducive to environmental protection: water concrete structure of a forming, not tick chisel repair, Reduce a large number of construction waste, is conducive to protecting the environment;

2. Elimination of a lot of quality problems: water decorative concrete products to avoid plastering, hollowing or even falling quality problems, reducing the construction of the leakage of pulp, floor cracks and other quality problems;

3. To further enhance the quality management of construction projects: the construction of commercial concrete water, there can be ticking repair space, each process is essential to force the construction unit to strengthen the construction process control, so that the construction quality management Get a comprehensive upgrade.

4. Decrease the total project cost: The construction of commercial concrete requires a lot of manpower and material resources, which will inevitably extend the construction period, but it will not reduce the cost of maintenance, total cost.

In China, Shui Shui is still in the development stage of commercial concrete, the real master of this type of building design and construction units. The final decorative effect of the concrete walls is about 60%, depending on the quality of the concrete pouring.

The most important thing is to pouring, maintenance and treatment of commercial concrete walls. As we all know, commercial concrete surface water absorption rate, such as without any protection, the effect of commercial concrete surface will become increasingly dirty, affecting the visual. Therefore, the transparent protective spray on the surface of commercial concrete, not only can make it more durable, but also to prevent pollution, keep clean, not because of water and the color becomes dark, so clear water commodity concrete buildings in the rain can still maintain the same color, Unlike some overpass, like a rain on the dirty, so it is also known as the dry spray.

Construction Technology:

As the commercial concrete water on the construction process requirements are high, and the construction of ordinary commercial concrete is very different, specifically in: each hit the cement must first hit the material block, compared to the previous color, after the instrument can continue to detect Playing, must vibrate evenly, the construction temperature is very strict, suitable for construction in the 4-10 months.

On-site management of construction workers is also very important, each process must be careful;

As a result of the water pouring of finished concrete, can not be changed characteristics, and the wall connected to the doors and windows openings and a variety of components, embedded parts must be designed and positioned in advance, and civil construction at the same time embedded laying. Because there is no external cushion and plaster layer, construction workers must be for windows and doors and other components of the installation slot, and if the installation of rain water pipes, ventilation and other exposed nodes must also be designed with the joints and other joints.

Construction methods:

The key points for the construction of commercial concrete are as follows: 1) The mix proportion of the commercial concrete and the quality control of the raw materials should be strictly consistent with the mix proportion of concrete used for each commodity concrete; 2) The fresh concrete must have excellent workability and 3) raw material origin must be unified, the cement used as much as possible with the same batch of the same manufacturers, sand, stone color and particle grading uniformity.
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