Technical Progress of Modern Fabricated Concrete Structures


The fabricated concrete structure has been widely used in the world since the 1950s because of its construction speed, saving labor, good quality of prefabricated components and good cost performance. In recent years, due to environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction requirements and labor price increases factors, and further promote the assembly of concrete structure of concrete technology development and progress.
In recent years, the progress of technology is mainly reflected in two major aspects: First, follow the concrete concept of concrete structure with the development of the new concept, and sleeve grouting connection technology, pulp anchor lap connection technology and other new type of reinforced steel The appearance of the connection technology makes the modern assembly of the overall commercial concrete structure can be equivalent to the actual performance of cast-in-place concrete concrete structure, seismic performance and durability; the second is with the lifting equipment, construction support systems, large cranes and transport vehicles And other construction equipment and technology made great progress, making the modern assembly of commercial concrete structure to further achieve the quality of industrial buildings to improve quality, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
On the basis of the combination of prefabricated and cast-in-place commercial concrete, the defects of the previous generation of fully assembled large-board residential buildings have been completely overcome. The architectural design of the modern concrete structure concrete structure can realize the diversification of the building plane through the different plane combination on the basis of the various standardized modules under the premise of satisfying the building function. At the same time, through the change of the facing material, Color, texture changes, to achieve the diversity of facade. In fact, due to the plasticity of commercial concrete and the improvement of the level of the prefabricated components, the complex components of the modern assembled concrete structure are more easily molded at the factory than the site, and are more easily controlled by quality. Therefore, in industrialized countries, The architects are more inclined to choose to use prefabricated components.

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