Analysis on the Market Prospect of Concrete Machinery Leasing


The current international sales of construction machinery to the rental business sales have reached more than 25% of the total industrial output value, Europe and the United States developed countries leasing market construction machinery accounted for about 85% of the total machinery, while the domestic value of not yet 10% Point of view, Chinas domestic construction machinery rental market has just started, the next few years will be Chinas construction machinery rental market will be the rapid development of the stage.
There are two types of construction machinery leasing: physical leasing and financial leasing, this article mainly discusses the physical leasing, so the text of the lease are physical leasing.

The Present Situation of Construction Machinery Leasing Market in China

At present, the highway construction machinery physical rental market has about three parts: individual rental households, large private leasing companies, construction units set up the equipment management center, large-scale professional leasing companies.

Individual leasing households: the largest number of individual leasing households, the total amount of equipment is also the largest, individual rental households have their advantages: the pricing of rental pricing flexibility, the purchase of market shortages equipment does not require any approval procedures, because of its flexibility in the rental market also has Strong competitiveness (especially for some of the management is not very standardized state-owned construction enterprises). But the individual rental households also exist their disadvantages: the lack of excellent operation, maintenance personnel; due to operation, maintenance personnel mobility caused by the site service personnel control ability is weak, it is difficult to form a formal, perfect sales service network , Can only be single combat, after-sales service capacity is not guaranteed.

Larger private leasing companies: With the rapid growth of Chinas high-speed construction, some individual leasing households grow into a larger leasing company. Some of these private leasing companies have begun to take shape, and some even have hundreds of millions of equipment assets, in the rental market has a certain influence. Their advantage is: a certain size of the operation, maintenance service personnel, the rental equipment capacity is relatively strong, but also formed its own sales network. However, the shadow of the management of these enterprises is too strong, the lack of high-quality management personnel, the lack of engineering construction consulting high-level engineering and technical personnel, which will seriously restrict the further development of these private leasing companies. So in recent years, many large-scale private rental companies in Xuzhou are also declining, many have come to the brink of bankruptcy.

Large-scale leasing enterprises are divided into three parts:

1, is a large construction enterprises set up equipment rental companies, 2000 to 2010 rental market prosperity and rental market high return characteristics, so that many have large equipment assets of the construction enterprises (especially those who have many idle assets of the construction enterprises) Enter the equipment rental market, the use of their own idle equipment to create part of the value to revitalize the assets, increase the additional operating income.

2, is the construction machinery manufacturers set up leasing companies, such as Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong, Xugong, Shaanxi built their own equipment rental companies;

3, is the original to engage in financing leasing of large enterprises to do physical leasing, such as Shanghai Hongxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd..

The advantages of this leasing company are: with high-quality management personnel and operations, maintenance service personnel, the rental equipment, strong service support, and even customers can provide a package of construction solutions. But these companies also exist their own disadvantages: the rigid pricing system, the lack of shortage of equipment on the market need to layer upon layer approval, that is slow market response, the scale is not big enough, although there is a certain market influence, but the lack of control of the market Ability.

Status of Foreign Construction Machinery Leasing Market

Europe and the United States developed countries leasing market construction machinery accounted for about 85% of the total machinery, from this figure can be seen from the developed countries, the popularity of construction machinery rental market. In Europe, construction companies leasing construction machinery into leasing companies are divided into two types: short-term use is even people (drivers) with machine rental, long-term lease, you can only lease equipment, with the driver. Also divided into simple leases and all-inclusive leases. Simple leasing is what the customer needs to do construction machinery leasing business to provide customers with any construction machinery, this leasing similar to the leasing market on the individual leasing provided on the equipment rental. All-inclusive leasing is the leasing business to provide customers with the best choice for rent-based program consulting, hire the use of services and maintenance services, completion of data processing services such as mechanical construction of the whole process of service.

Japan National Construction Machinery Leasing Association has integrated the business strategy of the leasing business, put forward the "founder with excellent management and high-tech system of reliable rental industry," the industry business objectives. American Caterpillars leasing companys advertising term "Today, you can easily rent a Caterpillar leasing point to suit your needs", which means that Caterpillar can be quick and easy for Customers to provide high-quality, low-cost rental machinery business strategy.

Comparative Analysis of Construction Machinery Rental Market at Home and Abroad

From the front of the content we can see the difference between domestic and foreign construction machinery rental market:

First, from the market share of developed countries in Europe and the United States leasing market construction machinery accounted for about 85% of the total machinery, while the domestic value of not yet 10%. This shows that Chinas construction machinery rental market there is still a huge room for development.

Second, from the scale of the leasing company, there is almost no nationally influential equipment leasing company, no company dared to play a slogan like a Caterpillar leasing company in the United States. "Today you can easily at Carter Le leasing companies to lease to the equipment you need "

Third, in the market pricing mechanism, Chinas construction machinery rental market is almost "warlord melee" situation, purely market supply and demand determine the market price, the price is seriously deviated from its value is a regular phenomenon, due to the existence of a national influence Leasing companies These leasing companies have the pricing power of the leasing market, so although there is also a market price fluctuation of the rental price, it is generally fluctuating around its value. In the country is not the VOLVO8820 asphalt paver rental price, for example, a VOLVO8820 asphalt paver selling price of about 400 million or more, according to the normal rate of return, should be 3-4 years (or 20-25 Month) to recover the purchase cost (excluding equipment operation process of labor and maintenance costs) rental price should be 160,000 / month - 18 million / month. But the domestic rental market price of the lowest 80,000 / month, the highest reached 280,000 / month, a serious departure from its value.

Fourth, in terms of after-sales service security, individual leasing households are often buying a new equipment, and the operator is completely without training personnel to operate, especially in the case of the rental market in short supply, this situation is more see. Foreign equipment rental business after-sales service security capacity gap is not great, and the domestic rental business after-sales support capacity gap is simply a world of difference.

Foreign management of leasing enterprises

As the saying goes: "he mountain stone, you can attack jade" foreign construction machinery leasing business management is worth our reference, and although Chinas construction machinery rental market has gone through nearly two decades, but with foreign developed countries Than Chinas construction machinery rental market there is a huge room for development.

In order to meet the increasing demand of the leasing market and improve the competitiveness of the leasing enterprises, the development of the construction machinery leasing industry in developed countries has made great efforts to improve the quality of the leasing industry. For example, the National Construction Machinery Leasing Association of Japan is implementing the " Improvement plan "to carry out business innovation and strengthen the basic business activities. The main measures are: purchase of environmentally friendly, reliable, excellent performance, the use of safe new leasing machinery; leasing enterprises to obtain ISO14000 environmental certification and ISO9002 quality certification, improve enterprise environmental protection and quality management level; strengthen financial management, talent Management, management, equipment management, information (information) management, reduce the cost and price of leasing industry; vigorously using the Internet and computer management and other information technology to improve the level of information leasing industry, to provide users with fast, all-round online transactions and Services; to strengthen the collaboration between enterprises and small leasing business combination of leasing resources (equipment) to share and improve the competitiveness of the industry.
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