Geothermal energy development usher in a rare machine


Although the "thirteen" period of geothermal energy development usher in a rare opportunity, but the current geothermal energy development still need to break through many constraints.
Reporters learned that geothermal energy is a green low-carbon, recyclable renewable energy, with large reserves, wide distribution, clean and environmentally friendly, stable and reliable features, is a practical and competitive clean energy. China is rich geothermal resources, the market has great potential, broad prospects for development. Accelerating the development and utilization of geothermal energy is not only important for adjusting energy structure, energy saving and emission reduction and improving the environment, but also has a significant stimulating effect on cultivating new industries, promoting new urbanization and increasing employment. It is an important measure to promote the construction of ecological civilization The
"Geothermal energy development and utilization of" thirteen five "plan" pointed out that at present, shallow and hydrothermal geothermal heating (refrigeration) technology has been basically mature. Shallow geothermal energy applications mainly use heat pump technology, 2004 annual growth rate of more than 30%, the scope of application extended to the country, of which 80% concentrated in the north and northeast and south, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Henan, Shandong and other regions The By the end of 2015 the country is shallow geothermal heating (cooling) area of 392 million square meters, the national hydrothermal geothermal heating area of 102 million square meters. Geothermal energy utilization of about 20 million tons of standard coal. In geothermal power generation, high-temperature dry steam power generation technology is the most mature, the lowest cost, followed by high temperature and humidity steam, low-temperature geothermal power generation technology maturity and economy to be improved.
Due to the characteristics of geothermal resources and other heat source demand in recent years, the whole power generation has made rapid development in China, and the dry heat power system is still in the research and development stage. In the early 1970s in Guangdong Fengshun, Hebei Huailai, Jiangxi Yichun and other places to build a low-temperature geothermal power station. In 1977, China built a 24-megawatt medium-high temperature geothermal power station in Yangbajing, Tibet. The end of 2014, China is total installed capacity of geothermal power generation 27.28 megawatts, ranked 18th in the world.
"Planning" stressed that the "13th Five-Year" period, with the modernization and improvement of people is living standards, as well as the growth of the South heating demand, central heating will have a lot of room for growth. At the same time, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) are facing the need to reduce coal consumption, air pollution control, increase the proportion of renewable energy consumption, etc., to the development of geothermal energy provides a rare opportunity for development, but there are still a lot of geothermal energy development Constraints, including low level of resource exploration, management system is imperfect, the lack of uniform technical specifications and standards and so on.
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