High-end equipment highlights the advantages of machinery industry will accelerate development


Expected in 2017 China is equipment industry production, export growth will continue to rise. CCIDIC experts recently predicted that in 2017 China is equipment industry will accelerate the development of industrial added value growth year on year continue to rise, the year is expected to remain at around 11%; export delivery value will achieve year-on-year growth, is expected to increase the cumulative increase in 2017 At about 2%.

Experts believe that China is equipment industry will show a new form of development and trends, rail transportation equipment, timber manufacturing, general aviation, etc. will become a new bright spot. The automobile industry to maintain steady growth, the operation of the machinery industry continued differentiation trend, the shipbuilding industry will gradually improve, accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation and development will be a new improvement.

This year the opportunity is greater than the challenge

2016 is the "thirteen five" planning the beginning of the year, in a series of industrial development policy to stimulate, China is industrial economy, the overall operation of the equipment stable. Prospects 2017, China is equipment industry development opportunities and challenges coexist, both domestic economic growth is stable, the supply side of the structural reform policy effect gradually emerged and other positive factors, but also the domestic and international demand continued to slump, the difficulties faced by enterprises beyond expectations and other unfavorable factors, But the overall opportunity is greater than the challenge.

Although the international economic situation is still grim, but with China is three major regional development strategy, medium and long-term manufacturing power construction strategy and accelerate international production and equipment manufacturing cooperation and so on gradually in-depth implementation and accelerate the implementation of new growth, growth, Gradually formed, the domestic economy will maintain steady growth, the industrial policy to promote the gradual emergence of factors. In particular, "China made 2025" related supporting "industrial strong base", "smart manufacturing" and other five special projects will accelerate the adjustment of industrial restructuring and upgrading of equipment. In terms of exports, the trend of weak recovery in the global economy in 2017 is difficult to improve, but because of the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China will put the equipment industry as a new export-oriented industry to nurture development, "one way" strategy and "on promoting international production and equipment manufacturing Cooperation guidance "to speed up the implementation of China is export growth of equipment is expected to accelerate the recovery.

Sub-sectors will continue to divide the trend

In 2016, the overall operation of the machinery industry was stable, the main economic indicators to maintain a slight upward trend, but the trend of movement between the industry is more prominent. Construction machinery industry as a whole is still difficult, especially the decline in efficiency of large and medium-sized enterprises has not yet changed, the loss continued to expand; petrochemical general machinery industry orders continued to lack, industry profits continue to decline; machine tool industry is still in the doldrums; instrumentation, electrical appliances industry in the market Demand, policy and power generation, power transmission and transformation of large-scale transformation of the field to promote the promotion of the machinery industry to play a smooth role. It is expected that in 2017, the uncertain factors affecting the economic operation of the industry will still be more, the demand for foreign trade is not prosperous, the downward trend in investment will not be significantly improved, and the downward pressure on the operation of the industry is still large. But with the national macro-control policies gradually in place, the economic situation improved, the industry is economic operation is expected to continue steady trend.

At the same time, some machinery industry will continue to grow differentiation trend: engineering machinery, heavy machinery, mining machinery, petrochemical equipment, conventional power generation equipment and other traditional investment products and machine tools, AC motors, low voltage electrical appliances, wire and cable, small and medium-sized ordinary agricultural products and other production capacity Relatively surplus industries will continue to decline, the state is key support for new agricultural machinery, energy-saving environmental protection equipment, cultural relics protection equipment, modern logistics equipment, medical equipment will accelerate growth.

Ship industry will gradually improve

In 2016, by the global shipping market downturn, ship and marine engineering equipment growth pressure. In the first half, driven by the low rebound in the international shipping market, China is new ship orders rebounded significantly, shipbuilding completed year-on-year decline narrowed, the three indicators showed a two-liter development trend. In October, the developing economies slowed down, the international bulk cargo market demand side of the purchasing power shortage and other reasons led to the global shipping market continues to slump, coupled with the continued low prices of new vessels hovering, shipping companies difficult to ship, financing difficulties and other issues, Shipbuilding industry, the three major indicators fell year on year, facing a grim situation.

It is expected that in 2017, the international shipping market will continue to deepen the new round of major adjustment, the characteristics of the industrial adjustment cycle continue to show, the demand structure has some trend changes, bulk ship and other conventional ship demand is still weak, LNG ship, Maintain demand, car transport, ocean fishing boats, luxury cruise ships and other demand growth will be obvious. On the whole, by the implementation of the "ship industry standard conditions", the state on the settlement of serious overcapacity and other policies implemented by the implementation of the 2017 shipbuilding capacity growth, hand-held orders will be further narrowed, the new orders will rebound slightly The

Intelligent manufacturing will accelerate development

It is expected that in 2017, with the industrial policy to increase the intelligent manufacturing to a new level, the intelligent manufacturing promotion route in each field is further clarified, and the further deepening of the cooperation between China and Germany will be formed gradually. High-end equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural equipment, high-performance medical equipment and other equipment manufacturers and users of the joint development of the necessary equipment model will be promoted. With the development of Internet technology, network co-manufacturing, large-scale personalized customization, remote operation and maintenance services such as intelligent manufacturing new model will continue to mature.

High-end equipment highlights the advantages

In 2016, driven by a series of national industrial policies, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry has achieved remarkable results, the output value of equipment manufacturing industry gradually increased the proportion. "13th Five-Year Plan" proposed in the next five years, China will implement high-end equipment innovation and development projects, including aerospace equipment and other eight industries. "High-end equipment innovation project implementation guide (2016 ~ 2020)" clearly put forward to focus resources, efforts to break through large aircraft, aero engines and gas turbines, civil aerospace, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy and new energy vehicles, marine engineering equipment and high Technology, ships, smart grid complete sets of equipment, high-end CNC machine tools, nuclear power equipment, high-performance medical equipment, advanced agricultural equipment and a number of high-end equipment, improve industrial innovation and international competitiveness.

It is expected that in 2017, in addition to the policy of long-term good, with the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and localization of the advance, high-end equipment manufacturing market demand at home and abroad, high-end equipment innovation and development of the future development of the main trend of manufacturing increasingly obvious. With the industrialization of the application of high-end equipment to accelerate the development of innovation and development, a number of landmark, driven strong key products and major equipment will speed up the layout, independent design and system integration capabilities, core components development technology level gradually improved, industrial innovation Ability to continue to increase. With a number of major equipment engineering, industrial applications, high-end equipment as equipment manufacturing industry, "new business card", will drive the level of China is equipment manufacturing industry to enhance the overall.

Market pressure still exist

Judge the current equipment industry is facing the market situation, CCID think tank experts believe that the next period of time, some product market demand will continue to slump. By the iron and steel, cement, oil, electricity, shipping and other upstream industry downturn in the impact of equipment market demand for products continued to decline, construction machinery, heavy mining machinery, petrochemical general machinery, ships and other related industries orders significantly inadequate. Last year from January to September, equipment investment in fixed assets grew 1.54% year on year, the lowest growth rate since 2008, respectively, lower than the growth rate of fixed assets investment in the whole society and manufacturing industry 6.66 and 1.56 percentage points, lower than last year is equipment Industrial investment growth rate of 7.16 percentage points, equipment industry, fixed asset investment demand also led to the decline in demand for investment class equipment products.

Exports still face a certain pressure. The current international economic recovery path is still twists and turns, the overall market demand is still weak. The economic environment in the doldrums has forced many governments to protect the domestic market through indirect, non-tariffous trade barriers and protective competition. China is trade protection pressure in the international market is still large, and equipment manufacturing enterprises are exposed to technical, green Environmental protection, standards and other trade barriers tend to increase.

The pressure of corporate finance is increasing. Although the central bank in 2016 has repeatedly lowered, cut interest rates, but banks and some enterprises do not want to coexist, engineering machinery, ships and other industries generally reflect the financing is difficult, high cost of loans, manufacturers guarantee financing burden and other issues are more prominent The

At present, there are private shipbuilding enterprises financing costs have been as high as 8% to 12%, corporate financing difficulties, which led to the guarantee is difficult to open to many new ship orders lost. It is expected that in 2017 China is production and operation of industrial enterprises will continue to face greater difficulties.

In view of the above problems, CCID Consulting experts advise: The equipment industry should accelerate the development of industrial structure and layout adjustment, including optimizing the product structure, optimizing the organizational structure, and optimizing the spatial layout; strengthening the capacity building of independent innovation; accelerating the development level of intelligent manufacturing; Enterprises to go out and introduce the combination to support the domestic leading equipment enterprises to speed up the "going out" pace, to promote rail transportation equipment, power equipment, petrochemical metallurgical equipment, automotive, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, aviation equipment, marine and marine engineering equipment And other areas of the enterprise "going out".

In this year is local two sessions, the "real economy" once again into the local two hot words list, "smart manufacturing" widely favored by more. According to the previous media reports, into the "Made in China 2025" pilot model city or up to 30. Experts believe that the future, China is manufacturing industry to the eastern part of high-end equipment manufacturing, the upgrading of the central industry, the western advantages of industrial breakthrough "new three-pole" pattern is expected to accelerate the formation, and intelligent manufacturing has become a new breakthrough in the manufacturing sector.

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