Australia is largest coal mine is licensed for mining


The Australian Queensland government has issued a controversial permit to permit the development of the country is largest coal mine.
The three permits issued by the Queensland governor annastaciapalaszczuk on Sunday will allow the Indian-based Adani Mining Company to mine coal from the planned Carmichael coal mine. The mine is located in the heart of Queensland is Galilee Basin.
Carmichael is located in the central Galilee Basin of Queensland, Australia is largest coal mine, and one of the world is largest coal mines, open pit mining and underground mining by the Indian Adani Mining Company.
The mine is expected to contain 20 billion tons of coal, put into operation with an annual output of 60 million tons of thermal coal, the electricity generated enough for 100 million Indians use, and will add thousands of jobs in Australia.
In May 2014, the Australian Queensland government approved the Adani development of the Michael mine and built a new railroad to the port of Albert Cape. The coal mine plans to produce and transport 60 million tons of coal annually for export, through the new rail transport to the port of Abbott, mainly exported to India, while Adani has also approved the construction of a new coal export terminal.
But this triggered a strong opposition from environmental groups. They believe that the Carmichael project will pollute groundwater, causing huge amounts of carbon emissions, and the important habitat of the endangered species will be destroyed by mine projects. Greenpeace said coal mining would lead to 128 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, while the Australian government is proposed direct action program on climate in the domestic emission reduction targets of 131 million tons per year.
In addition, for the expansion of the port, India will be dumped in the vicinity of the Great Barrier Reef 5 million tons of sludge. Many environmental groups worry that this will seriously endanger the world is most famous attractions "Great Barrier Reef" ecosystem. At the same time, it will undermine the Australian government is commitment to reducing emissions at the global climate change conference.
So the Australian Federal Court announced in August 2015 to halt India is Adana Group worth 16.5 billion Australian dollars of coal projects, on October 15, the Australian government has re-approved the project.

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