This year the machinery industry will maintain steady growth


February 14, China Machinery Industry Federation released the annual economic situation in the machinery industry in 2016, the data show that in 2016 the growth rate of the growth rate of the machinery industry showed a month-on-month trend, from January to December growth of 9.6% The annual growth rate increased by 4.1 percentage points higher than the national industrial growth rate of 3.6 percentage points over the same period.

According to the China Machinery Industry Federation, deputy director of the Committee of Experts Cai Weici introduced in 2016, the machinery industry to achieve the main business income of 24.55 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.44% over the same period last year increased 4.12 percentage points higher than the same period the national industry 2.53 percentage points The Machinery industry last year to achieve total profit of 1.68 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.54%, most of the product production also maintained growth. But at the same time, the fixed investment in machinery industry continued the trend of continued decline in recent years, 1 - 12 months to complete the investment 5.01 trillion yuan, up only 1.7% year on year, respectively, lower than the whole society and manufacturing investment growth 6.4 and 2.5 percentage points, the order situation is still unstable, the total import and export trade also continued to decline.

China Machinery Industry Federation is expected, with the industrial restructuring to promote the 2017 machinery industry will maintain steady growth. But the growth rate will be lower than 2016 years. Is expected throughout the year the growth rate of machinery industry growth rate of about 7%.
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