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Known as the "European capital" of the Belgian Brussels, it is the headquarters of the Volvo Construction Equipment Company, as Volvo Group is engineering machinery plate - Volvo construction equipment has more than 180 years of deep accumulation and classic heritage, adhere to the quality and brand both Policy, a model of industry brand operation.

In 2016, the world is largest German BMW show, Volvo construction equipment thousands of square meters of exhibition area, exhibited the Swedish pearl in the field of engineering machinery the latest series of products. On-site China Road Machinery Network reporter interviewed Volvo Construction Equipment President Martin Weissburg (Martin Weissburg), to share the Volvo construction equipment in the product development context, the Dealer New Deal, the future market and industry mergers and acquisitions and other aspects of experience and market Looking ahead.

From high-tech turn to the real needs of customers
At the BMW Show, Volvo Construction Equipment exhibited a large range of products that are still the flagship of new products, with the largest excavators and articulated trucks - 90 tons of Volvo EC950E and 60 tons of Volvo A60H. But at the same time, the reporter also observed that in the compact models Volvo also has outstanding performance, Volvo L45H wheel loader and Volvo EC35D small excavator new models is one of them. Not only that, the steady development of the road in the Volvo construction equipment, in the field is also quite gains, launched the Volvo P4820D paver and Volvo SD135B single drum vibratory roller.
Such a framework of the product map, shows the Volvo construction equipment to determine the prospects for the market, in the eyes of Martin Weissberg, 2016 global engineering machinery is still in the adjustment stage, he predicted that "the global construction machinery market in 2016 may also be low In 2015. "

But the overall weakness does not mean that all areas of the industry are lack of bright spots. "GM market prospects can be expected, the global market for compact machines show a long-term growth needs, and regional demand is also very obvious, relatively strong emerging markets, and from the product point of view to the North American market, for example, many Demand is focused on pavement equipment and basic equipment. "Martin Weissberg highlighted that China and India are the countries that focus on Volvo construction equipment. "There are a lot of hardware facilities that need to be perfect, which is a great opportunity for construction equipment companies."
Insist on innovative Volvo construction equipment, product innovation ideas are quietly changing, Martin Weisberger frankly, high-tech blind superposition is not the real needs of customers, "the development of products, Volvo is not satisfied with the simple use of high Technology to ensure that the product of successful ideas, more is to focus on what customers need equipment, what kind of application. "Volvo is adjustment is also a trend of the industry, from the original high-tech bundled users to spend, Leaning on the real needs of customers, to achieve the product to meet the individual needs of the tendency.
Support dealer repurchase creditors
In the lively BMW show, Martin Weisberger did not avoid the problem of heavy dealer dilemma, he used the "change" to describe the ups and downs of China is construction machinery market: "We have been very concerned about the Chinese market Development, in the last 2-3 years to give the dealer some of the necessary support to respond to market changes.

China is construction machinery market ups and downs, some unexpected starred in the story beyond the majority of people is judgments. Of course, face changes, respond to timely and flexible test of the wisdom of business.

"We are faced with the problem of each dealer is not the same, Volvo will deal with the different needs of dealers, give them a different business policy.This is Volvo is position on the market, we also tell the cooperative business partners, their survival We are very important. "

Volvo construction equipment on the dealer policy is the most direct support for cash flow, the relaxation of the dealer receivables repayment policy, not only that, for the dealer is debt machine, Volvo construction equipment organized a perfect architecture And the system to support the dealer to repay the debt machine, in order to achieve the greatest support for the dealer cash flow.

In the Chinese market to continue to build and improve the dealer system at the same time, Volvo construction equipment is also actively established with the Chinese construction machinery brand good relations of cooperation. Volvo construction equipment currently has 70% stake in Shandong Lingong, to achieve the technology, products and channels to share. "Volvo construction equipment and Shandong Lingong in the strategic to maintain a high degree of consistency, as China is a very strong local brand, we are now one of the most important measures to support it is Shandong Lingong overseas sales, you can share Volvo construction equipment has been Very mature sales channels. "
"Take all the way" policy to achieve win-win situation
  At the same time, the strategic perspective of the Volvo construction equipment has been followed by the "one side of the road" policy brought about by the opportunity, and in the early enough to do the "homework." "This policy is full of opportunities for China and for Volvo construction equipment, although there are a lot of large projects outside of China," said Martin Weissberg, who is looking forward to China is "one-way" policy. There are many Chinese contractors in the project, and we attach great importance to this opportunity.

China Foreign Contractors Association is a national industry organization composed of Chinese foreign contracted projects, labor service cooperation, engineering investment and related service enterprises. More than 1,500 member enterprises engaged in foreign contracted engineering and engineering investment have accounted for more than 1,500 foreign trade contracts. Engineering turnover of more than 90%, this qualification is also sufficient to get full attention to Volvo construction equipment.

As a result, the meeting of the Volvo Construction Equipment and the China Association of Foreign Contractors was scheduled for a very important working session during the schedule of the Martinez Weissberg B & B. Martin Anders Larsson, Chairman and President of Volvo Construction Equipment Investment (China) Co., Ltd., Cen Jiahui, President of Volvo Construction Equipment China, and Huang Zheng, Vice President of Sales and Business Management of Volvo Construction Equipment, met with China is foreign contract Mr. Yu Xiaohong, Vice President of Engineering Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Yuan Jianhua, Deputy Director of China Convention and Exhibition Center for Foreign Contractors. In fact, as early as December 15, 2015, the two sides signed a cooperation framework agreement, Volvo construction equipment has become China is foreign contractors Association, one of the important strategic partners.

In the BMW press conference, Volvo Construction Equipment Global President Martin Weissberg is statement, has clarified the market environment to determine: "increasingly competitive, but good at responding to market changes in the Volvo construction equipment is active Change, deal with the ever-changing market. "Martin Vesberger is confident that behind the creative slides show the power of the new product, demonstrating the highly aggressive and forward-looking strategic vision of Volvo is construction equipment.

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