Construction machinery industry as a whole to pick up a number of teams to visit Sanyi


The second half of last year, the construction industry as a whole to pick up the industry, the industry increased rapidly, Sany and other leading enterprises continue to be the focus of attention. Only one day on February 13, there are a number of teams to visit Sany, a total of future cooperation and development.

On the morning of February 13, 2017, Hu Zucai, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, visited Sanya Changsha Industrial Park and investigated the production and operation of Sany Group. Hunan Provincial Government Vice Governor, Provincial Development and Reform Commission Director Xie Jianhui and other leaders accompanied by research. Sany Heavy Industry President Xiang Wenbo received a research team and his party.

Hu Zucai and his entourage have come to Sany Group Exhibition Hall, No. 18 plant, a detailed understanding of enterprise development process, product development, production and sales, etc.. Research team and his party pay attention to their own development and shoulder social responsibility of the Sany Heavy Industry gave a high evaluation.

Hu Zucai pointed out that with the economic development into the new normal, construction market, construction machinery market, etc. are undergoing major changes, companies must maintain the development of strength, adhere to innovation-driven. He encouraged Sany Heavy Industry, to strengthen the research on new products and new technologies, accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, expand the application of engineering machinery, and constantly improve the ability to respond to market changes, promote traditional industries in the new economic development in the new " Breakout ".

February 13, Yiyang municipal Party committee secretary, Municipal People is Congress Standing Committee Chairman Qu Hai and Sany Heavy Industry Chairman Liang Qianggen talks in Beijing, the two sides on the Sany Group to increase investment in the benefits, deepen the strategic cooperation in the formation of consensus.

Qu Hai said that in recent years, Yiyang unswervingly implement the eastward strategy, fully integrated into the central city of Changsha, and make better use of Changsha transportation, talent and other advantages, usher in unprecedented opportunities for development. Combined with Yiyang resource advantages and industrial characteristics, Qu Hai believes that Yiyang and Sany Group has a profound basis for cooperation and broad cooperation space.

Liang Wengen on Yiyang City, the development of the environment and the development of deep affirmation, the comprehensive development and utilization of Yiyang wind power resources and wind power equipment industry, military and civilian development of the industry show a strong interest, and said that based on the advantages of both resources, continue to deepen cooperation.

On the afternoon of February 13th, Singapore Ambassador to China Luo Jialiang visited Sanya Changsha Industrial Park and held an in-depth discussion with Sanyo Group International Headquarters Director Zhou Wanchun. The two sides reached a consensus on further deepening cooperation.

Luo Jialiang and his entourage visited the 18th workshop and ECC control center, he showed a strong interest in the pump production line, from time to time to ask about the details. After the tour, the two sides held a symposium.

During the discussion, Luo Jia-liang on the Trinity excellent culture, clean atmosphere of the park, as well as the rapid development of overseas business full of praise. He said that Sany is well known in Singapore and has a good prospect in Southeast Asia. He expects both sides to explore business opportunities in more areas.

It is understood that in 2014, Sany Heavy Industry moved to Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, in the "one way along the way" the key point of the layout, in order to further promote the international development strategy.

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