The maintenance of the mixing of the double horizontal shaft of the concrete mixing station


The use of raw materials requires the machine for powder and granular inert substances, particle size shall not be greater than 150mm, of which 120 ~ 150mm medium does not exceed 12% of the total capacity. Note: Semi-dry concrete mixes on the agitator shaft, which increases the diameter of the agitator shaft and ultimately reduces the agitation efficiency of the agitator arm. It is necessary to keep the stirring shaft clean.
     Cleaning of concrete mixers
     Work a cycle (concrete curing time, usually within 2 hours), should at least clean the mixer once. After a day to complete the finished product, the mixer should be a comprehensive clean-up material. In the process of washing with water, can be equipped with about 500kg of gravel for mixing, so that more clean wash. Mixer Lubricant Mixer Reducer Recommended Lubricant: MOBIL GEAR 629 or OMALA OIL 150 (Shell) with 16 liters of oil.
     Concrete Mixer Reducer Lubricant Oil Change Cycle
     The first put into use 50 hours, need to replace the oil. After every 1000 hours or at least six months to replace the gear box lubricants. The first oil change should pay attention to the oil after the release, to add about 2 liters of lubricating oil cleaning gear box. In the future oil change process, such as the brand has changed, but also use the oil to clean the gear box.
     Hydraulic system lubricants Recommended grades: DAT25 or TELLUS S46 (oil) for 10 liters, every 2,000 hours or at least one year to replace the lubricating oil pump (lubricating oil pump mainly to the shaft seal oil): winter NLGI0 # grease, summer with NLGI1 # grease, must be from the oil filter refueling, is strictly prohibited to open the oil pump cover oil. Lubrication parts: spindle bearings, unloading door bearings, the motor floor shaft, the motor base pole shaft shaft, hydraulic cylinder shaft.
     Stirring of concrete mixing host
     Shaft end seal: Shaft end seal directly determines the efficiency and life of the mixer. Automatic shaft seal lubrication system to improve the sealing effect and life. Pneumatic shaft head protection device to ensure that the mixer is running more stable and reliable operation.
     On the automatic shaft seal lubrication system how to check whether the grease really reach the host shaft head. Methods as below: 
1, check the oil pressure gauge instructions (10 ~ 60bar): If the oil pressure gauge indicates less than 10bar, the valve core is blocked; if the oil pressure gauge indicates higher than 60bar, the shunt valve is blocked and the shunt valve is blocked.
2, check the grease consumption (¡Ý 42ml / h). That is, the daily consumption of the whole tank 1/4. If it is lower than this consumption, you must check whether the four shafts have lubricating oil, as follows: The four shaft ends are equipped with a spare butter mouth, you can use the nail pressure on the butter nozzle of the core, if Grease from the ball at the Department of fire, then the normal oil pump.
3, if the shaft is missing oil, the first should check the shaft tubing is smooth, and then check the shunt valve is blocked, and finally check the pump heart is normal supply. If the fault can not stop processing, should be from the shaft end of the butter nozzle with butter gun with butter, no less than 2 times a day. Pneumatic shaft head protection device: adjust the pressure relief valve pressure of 1 ~ 1.5bar. Check the pressure of the wind pressure solenoid valve after energization (0.2 ~ 0.5bar). When the wind pressure solenoid valve power. Discharge pressure when the solenoid valve lost power. Lining adjustment between the liner and the blade: the gap between the blade and the cylinder at the highest point, the normal working gap 3 ~ 8mm. The blade bolt adjustment torque is 200Nm. After adjusting the gap, after working for several cycles, check the tightening of the bolt again.
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