Mass Concrete Construction and Maintenance Key Attention


Mass Concrete Construction and Maintenance Key Attention
Concrete pumping station pumping tanker concrete pouring to the corresponding parts after the need for conservation of concrete, which is the construction side should do the responsibility. What is the need to pay attention to the construction and maintenance of mass concrete? Zhengzhou Huaxin mixing plant equipment factory to give you Lara homemade.
1, the construction side should be for high-strength large volume of concrete, the development of construction technology programs, to take temperature control measures, a reasonable set of temperature wells, concrete temperature. During the conservation period, the concrete curing measures are adjusted according to the temperature measurement.
2, the concrete in the pouring process does not meet the casting requirements, the construction side should be timely and on-site scheduling or technical contact, by the laboratory technical staff, quality inspectors are responsible for the adjustment of concrete construction ratio. After the concrete reaches the site, any person who specializes in water, when the concrete slump can not meet the scene pouring situation, by the field technical staff to adjust.
3, the pump before pouring concrete should take measures to the construction site and the template, steel to cool. Insulation measures should be taken on the template. Cover the pump tube with a wet sack, pouring cold water during the pouring process.
4, it is recommended to start pouring as far as possible at night, this will help reduce the temperature of concrete into the mold, reducing the daytime pouring time during the day construction should take shading measures.
5, pouring into the concrete after the elevation, the concrete surface, should be wiped with its surface covered with plastic film. In order to harden the surface of the concrete without damage, cover the grass curtain and so on, and fully sprinkle, at least within 24 hours to maintain a wet state. If you do not sprinkle water after the cover, often produce a lot of hydration heat, so that the surface dry, resulting in cracks.
6, after the final coagulation of concrete water conservation, water storage should be even when the water, to avoid the concrete surface temperature fluctuation is too large.
7, conservation to prevent sudden changes in temperature, to avoid exposure, wind and rain poured, in the temperature changes in the night, it is best to use insulation materials to keep warm. Stop drying also gradually dry, in order to avoid the occurrence of cracks.
8, the concrete mixing station suggested that the construction side in the casting and the production of concrete test block, should be appropriate to extend the vibrating time, because the concrete powder is large, not vibrant dense. At the same time may consider doing several sets of test pieces.
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