Development Prospect of Dry Powder Mortar


Development Prospect of Dry Powder Mortar
       Although the dry mortar in the promotion of the use of the process to meet all the resistance, but its replacement of traditional mortar historical inevitability is difficult to change. Not only in Shanghai, other large and medium-sized cities have also used great interest in the use of dry mortar, the majority of the media in-depth publicity, many scientific and technological workers continue to obtain scientific and technological progress will create favorable conditions for the development of dry mortar. Like the development of commercial concrete, it will usher in the splendid spring. From the current development trend, the future development of dry mortar in China mainly concentrated in the following points.

1, to the use of industrial waste and local materials as the main raw material of dry powder mortar varieties. Fly ash, slag, waste rock powder, oil refining waste, bentonite and so on, not only can reduce the cost of dry mortar to improve the performance of mortar, but also conducive to protecting the environment and save resources.

2, the development of new varieties. Only the development of a comprehensive, in line with the needs of the market all the mortar varieties in order to make its use without restriction, for its smooth promotion to create favorable conditions. With the special mortar, the emergence of special mortar not only promote the development of dry powder mortar, but also to promote the development of other industries to create the conditions.

3, to develop their own production process. At present, the production process of dry powder mortar is not yet mature in China. Generally, the production lines of the production enterprises are imported from abroad. The investment of a production line is generally RMB 2000 to RMB 30 million. Only to develop in line with China is national conditions of the production process, in order to create a comprehensive dry mortar enterprises to create conditions, not only reduces the investment costs, but also reduce production costs.
4, with the wall material coordination. The state has been committed to the promotion of the use of new wall materials, so the development of the main block with the current use of special materials supporting the mortar is necessary. According to the relevant information, the original mortar in the use of new wall materials used to show the process of the problems are: a, mortar construction performance is bad, the block in the masonry process too much water, drying process block water loss occurred Secondary shrinkage caused the wall cracking; mortar masonry is not full, there are empty and other quality problems. B, the mortar in the dry curing after the bonding force in the new wall material due to cross-sectional size and clay brick and the lack of cohesive force of the phenomenon, resulting in the deformation of the wall under the influence of deformation easily cracked.

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