Construction machinery continued to warm: win-win is really win


With the excavator, loaders, bulldozers and other construction machinery products in January sales data released, pick up the industry trends, strong market demand has finally come from the real data support. According to the China Construction Machinery business survey statistics, in January 2017, 25 into the statistical excavator enterprises accumulated sales of more than 4500 Taiwan excavators, an increase of nearly 54% in January 2016; domestic 25 major loader manufacturers total sales of various types Loaders 4495 units, for four consecutive months to achieve year on year growth, year on year growth in January 2016 16.33%; the country is 10 major bulldozer production enterprises were selling all kinds of bulldozers 322 units, an increase of 19.26% in January 2016. To the most representative of the excavator, for example, in January 2017, small digging, digging and digging year on year growth of 55%, 41%, 94%, full range of product sales growth significantly.

Line sales hot, online quotation is also high. From a mall inquiry statistics, in January, although the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, but the total amount of inquiry is still nearly a thousand, excavators, loaders, forklifts, bulldozers and other products inquiry. In the case of excavators, brands such as Caterpillar, Trinity, Komatsu, Hitachi, Xugong, Kobelco, Doosan, Liugong, Hyundai, Volvo and other brands have obvious advantages The
Steady, increased, up behind
Since the beginning of 2011 downturn in the construction machinery market, and finally in the end of 2016 ushered in a real warmer atmosphere. According to the relevant data, the main products in the construction machinery industry in 2016 cumulative sales increased by 10.2%, of which excavators in 2016 cumulative sales of 7 million units, an increase of 24.8% for the first time in nearly five years.
Experienced this period of people are aware of the decline from the cliff, to the bottom of the stabilization, and then to steady growth, the construction machinery market is indeed a real transformation and upgrading to achieve their own transformation.
On the current market development trend, boost the construction machinery industry continues to improve the main factor is the infrastructure investment to maintain high growth. According to the "Economic Blue Book" published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2017, the fixed asset investment growth rate in 2010 will reach about 8%. The infrastructure will continue to be the main force for stable investment and even steady growth. The professionals believe that the growth rate of infrastructure investment in 2017 will Keep at around 20%. There are 22 provinces that have clearly announced 2021 fixed asset investment targets, with cumulative investment targets exceeding 40 trillion.
In addition to infrastructure, PPP, mining and rural construction areas are also the main force. From the excavator sales data point of view, in recent months, large and small digging growth rate relative to the digging continued high growth, which, especially in the largest growth rate, the four consecutive months of growth were 100% about. Combined with different types of digging machine use and downstream reality, large excavation growth mainly from large infrastructure, PPP projects and mines, small dig is mainly benefited from municipal construction and rural infrastructure and other areas of growth.
Excavator is the construction machinery industry is first varieties, but also the highest market sensitivity of the species, the boom is usually ahead of other engineering machinery varieties ranging from 3-6 months. With the excavator continued to pick up, bulldozers, loaders and truck crane sales rebounded, the industry boom showing a proliferation trend. China Construction Machinery Business Network senior analyst said that in infrastructure, PPP projects and other factors boost, earthmoving machinery and lifting machinery chain is expected to usher in the follow-up growth.
In addition, with broad prospects for the "area along the way" is still playing a positive role, with the "area along the way" to promote, with its own technology and cost advantages, will accelerate the Central Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions on the demand for construction machinery will continue to grow. Industry insiders said that as the country continued to carry out major infrastructure construction, will bring a new round of construction machinery market is expected to continue to rise in excavator sales are expected in 2017 the overall situation is better than 2016 years.

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