Along the way from the policy to the floor of the mechanical plate good rail equipment, engineering machinery


Xinjiang 1.5 trillion investment in fixed assets along the way led the plate rose. This year in May, China will host in Beijing, ¡°all the way¡° international cooperation summit forum, a total cooperation plan, build cooperation platform.
  The main points
1, along with all the way through the Internet is the purpose of infrastructure for the pilot, the mechanical plate were good rail equipment, engineering machinery, two large plates
Along with all the way strategic planning since 14 years since the construction of their own continuous development, detailed planning has been introduced, the financial platform has also been successfully built, the company is income along the way all the way overseas engineering orders continue to record high. Over the past three years since the introduction of the strategy, more than 100 countries and international organizations have responded positively to support. More than 40 countries and international organizations have signed cooperation agreements with China. Chinese enterprises have invested more than US $ 500 billion in the countries along the country, Key projects include railways, highways, ports, power grids, oil and gas pipelines, etc., to the relevant projects and equipment enterprises to increase investment.
2, rail transport equipment, the railway is the key to all the way, is an important industry interoperability of China rail transit construction and vehicle equipment manufacturing has been in a leading position in the world, especially with the high-speed rail to promote the sea, rail engineering and equipment Outside the output more flowering. From the global market, the developed countries ushered in the third revival of the track, the third world countries to get rich first road on the rails there is a rigid demand, the two together constitute an opportunity. Domestic market during the 13th Five-Year period to maintain a high level of investment, urban rail construction in full swing, for the relevant companies to bring results to determine. The subject of benefit includes engineering company China Railway, China Railway Construction, China Railway Bureau, equipment companies in China, the car, and so on.
3, engineering machinery, an area along the way overseas infrastructure is the foundation, the project launched the sea to export high-end domestic equipment
Large construction enterprises overseas orders high growth, will drive the domestic construction machinery enterprises export. Domestic construction machinery enterprises experienced the past 3-5 years adjustment period, with the downstream demand cycle reversed. On the one hand, the product rigid update cycle comes, on the other hand, the downstream demand recovery brought about by the recovery rate, engineering machinery product shortening period, to promote new machine demand. Benefit the subject of various types of construction machinery leading companies such as Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong, Xugong machinery.
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