On the Development Trend of Chinas Construction Machinery Market


In recent years, the construction machinery industry has entered a downturn in the development of the adjustment period. In the face of entering the downstream range of construction machinery market, many construction machinery enterprises (such as Sany, China United) will focus on overseas markets, expand export share, at the same time, learn from foreign counterparts business good business model.
In China is construction machinery market, machine sales profit of more than 70%, while in foreign engineering machinery mature market, machine sales profit accounted for only 30%, after the market to provide nearly 70% of the profits. A huge contrast contrast, indicating that after our construction machinery market development efforts is not enough, there is still a lot of room for development. At present, the bottleneck of the development of domestic construction machinery enterprises lies in the channel, foreign fierce market competition, limited domestic market capacity, to the aftermarket service market is the most sensible choice. After the development of engineering machinery market is the focus of many of our construction machinery enterprises strategic direction.
Post - construction machinery market
After the construction machinery market is the construction machinery product production, sales market continued to continue, that is, after the construction machinery products sold in the market, to sell the construction machinery products for the carrier of trade in services. The industry generally agreed that after the construction machinery market composition: service (maintenance and repair), accessories, leasing, two mobile phones, remanufacturing five parts.
Current Situation of China  is Construction Machinery Market
China is construction machinery industry after more than 10 years of rapid growth in 2011, suddenly into the development bottleneck, a serious excess capacity, weak development.
At present, China is construction machinery market in the oversupply, overcapacity, inventory surge in the state, according to statistics, as of the end of 2015, China is main products of engineering machinery is about 663 ~ 718 million units, of which hydraulic excavator 149.5 ~ 162 million units, 73.5kw (100 hp) above bulldozers 7.1 ~ 77,000 units, loaders 167.4 ~ 181.4 million units, graders 3.8 ~ 40,000 units, paver 2.0 ~ 2.1 million units, road rollers 11.8 ~ 128,000 units, wheeled cranes 21.7 ~ 23.5 Million, tower crane 42.5 ~ 46.0 million units, forklift 208.5 ~ 225.8 million units, concrete mixing truck 32.1 ~ 348,000 units, concrete pump 6.1 to 66,000 units, concrete pumps 5.7 to 6.2 million units, concrete mixing station 5.0 ~ 5.5 million units. For the post-market to provide a good foundation for the development and deep plowing space. So many companies began to pay attention to the post-market, increase the market after the investment, hoping to profit in the post-market. But many companies do not understand the market after the market to enter the market are blindly into the state, so blindly into the homogenization of competition makes the service almost unprofitable.
At present, the domestic construction machinery enterprises after the market service system status: not from the strategic height to see the importance of after-sales service, resulting in inadequate investment, mismanagement, lack of strength and other issues; poor service time, after-sales service personnel, low level of service And other factors after the role of market services.
At present, the domestic construction machinery enterprises after the market personnel training status: after the market practitioners overall low quality, lack of professional and technical personnel; technical training system is not perfect, means backward, and can not meet the needs of users.
At present, the domestic construction machinery business after the market business model for the past: the past business model of the drawbacks: post-market services into high, low profits, service positioning for the auxiliary machine sales, service awareness awareness.
Development Trend of Post - development Market of Construction Machinery Enterprises
In the construction machinery industry overcapacity, field surge in stock, competitive era, engineering machinery enterprises should be how to seize the market after the opportunity to develop a good market after the current focus of the construction machinery industry, while using the Internet + engineering machinery in the market Five modules with extended format is an important trend in the construction machinery market.
After the construction machinery market by the service (maintenance and repair), accessories, leasing, two mobile phones and remanufacturing five major components. After the development of the market is also focused on these five parts to do a breakthrough, extension.
Service, the construction machinery enterprises should improve the quality of service, improve the repeat purchase rate. With the industry competition is intense, many products tend to homogeneity, enterprises in the product level advantage becomes not obvious, so the importance of service will gradually highlighted. Engineering machinery industry is particularly strong, as a construction machinery service personnel must understand a certain degree of technology, operational knowledge and so on. This requires the company is specialized training, the relevant staff to conduct a certain guidance, from the complex handling skills to the daily maintenance of the product, to the construction process to solve the sudden problems and so on. At the same time the use of good Internet platform, through technical knowledge, operational knowledge, maintenance norms, common problems and other issues through the Internet platform to show the popularity of the other platform can be added to the initial remote fault diagnosis port port can effectively provide simple fault diagnosis and complexity The initial diagnosis of the fault and the preliminary collection of the data.
Accessories, maintenance-driven accessories sales, Internet online accessories sales platform to improve service levels. To operate after the market can not be separated from the professional maintenance services and accessories sales, enterprises can set up a certain maintenance point, to provide users with convenient services, through the Internet online accessories trading platform to provide users with accessories rich choice and timeliness The purchase of sex.
Leasing, the Internet platform rental information online release, online + offline transactions, reduce equipment stagnation, to ensure the operating rate. Equipment leasing in the early 20th century, the rise of the early 90s, and now gradually tend to regulate. According to the relevant statistics, the general construction project construction enterprises leasing equipment accounted for more than 20% to 40% of the use of machinery, individual enterprises reached more than 70%. Construction machinery rental market development space is broad, optimistic outlook, through the online platform in accordance with standardized, standardized direction to carry out leasing business, construction machinery enterprises in this sub-market will be able to get better benefits.
Two mobile phones, to ensure that the two mobile phone assessment and circulation. At present, China is construction machinery market, two mobile phones become a hot spot. Second-hand machinery as a supplement to the market, can make the construction machinery and equipment market and capital market convergence, reduce the construction unit of the input costs, shorten the return time, improve the rate of return to meet customer needs. In recent years, the China Unicom is own development of the electricity platform two mobile phone module online business model, the two mobile phones in the authoritative assessment after the online drainage transactions; easy auction activities, in the form of auction, seeking With the market and professional customers closer to the business model at the same time, for the second-hand machinery to provide a new space for development and development direction.
Engineering machinery remanufacturing industry, the so-called remanufacturing, is to restore the old products to the same product as the original technical performance and product quality of the production process, refers to the waste of auto parts, construction machinery and other professional repair of mass production process. Remanufacturing products to achieve the same quality and performance with the original new products, recycling economy is "recycling" of the advanced form. Remanufacturing characteristics, product quality performance can not be lower than the new products, and the cost of only 50% of new products, can achieve more than 60% energy saving, more than 70% of the material, the adverse effects on the environment decreased significantly. Focus on hardware facilities, training professionals. One side is a serious shortage of resources, while a large number of old equipment failure and was eliminated, and then manufacturing in the conservation of energy resources, to build a recycling economy play an important role, but also for the enterprise after the market services to bring a huge space. Seize the opportunity of remanufacturing direction, a new round of construction machinery market boom set off a role can not be ignored. September 21, 2016 from the Ministry of Industry was informed that the Ministry of Industry recently issued a circular, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Weichai Power (Weifang) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other 12 companies to the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry to submit remanufactured products that declare materials, many enterprises Such as Trinity, Guangxi Liugong, Wuhan Maxima, Xiamen, the first five batches of certified enterprises set up a re-manufacturing business sector, specializing in remanufacturing industry research and development, but also achieved certain results, but the effect is not satisfactory. At present, remanufacturing products in China is also very difficult to be accepted by the public, which requires enterprises to increase investment in manufacturing industries, so that more people understand the remanufactured products, to accept remanufactured products.

China is construction machinery industry is moving in the direction of the full post-market era, after the market service revenue will account for an important share of construction machinery business income. In many foreign construction machinery manufacturers have to enter the Chinese market and seize the dominant position in the market after the situation, China is construction machinery enterprises to seize the rapid development of the construction machinery industry a good time, a thorough understanding of the market, careful analysis of the market, combined with their own The development stage and unique advantages, spotted the opportunity to make good use of the Internet platform and post-mechanical market integration, grab the Chinese construction machinery industry after the development of the market in order to compete in the fierce market share of a place.

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