Out of Chinas construction machinery errors


2016 is undoubtedly the winter of China is construction machinery, but it is also in such a time, is that we consider the future of China is construction machinery will be the best time to go.
Innovation is the only way out for development, but innovation must be stimulated by the actual market demand.
So, first of all, we need to redefine the status of Chinese engineering in the world market, there is no bright future market position, there is no need for innovation; secondly, we need to clear the most immediate problems; and then, we need today In the background, the solution to our problem today is neither tangible nor looking forward to the future too far. This article hopes to work with all the people in the construction machinery industry chain to discuss these issues together to find a bright spring of Chinese construction machinery.
Repositioning of China  is Construction Machinery Market
Now the world of construction machinery into a misunderstanding, on the one hand the more poor places, the more expensive the cost of construction machinery, on the other hand we all know "to rich, first road." Construction machinery is a pioneer in the development of social machinery, there is no entry of construction machinery, there can be no social development. The next generation of construction machinery key market is certainly in the area along the way, there are 3 billion people. But the poorer the more expensive value-oriented, is undoubtedly in the inhibition of the growth of this market. In addition to other political and economic reasons, I believe that engineering robots should at least three reasons to reflect on:
1 construction machinery of the mainstream market and the separation of the main market
Over the past 10 years China is the world is largest excavator market, or the main market. But the excavator of the mainstream technology research and development market, but not in China, but in developed countries. So there have been such a result, the more advanced machinery from the main market demand farther, and the old machinery prices do not fall instead of rising.
For example: Europe and the United States began to pay attention to the construction machinery emissions and energy conservation problems, but their solution is mainly around the engine. This idea is normal for them, because they produce their own engines, improvements can increase their competitiveness. And China has no engine manufacturing technology, the engine of the more complex technology, the higher the cost of paying. When the market is really open, the problem will become more and more serious. Because they not only can not afford the engine, but also can not afford oil.
But if China is the mainstream market, in fact, the same emission problems, there can be other technical problems to solve the problem. The mainstream market and the separation of the main market, misleading the direction of development of construction machinery technology, but also inhibited the growth of the main market.
Reflection on Construction Speed and Mainstream
While we are amazed at the speed of construction in China, we should also note that construction costs are actually growing exponentially with the construction speed. Because the requirements of the construction speed, it must use large machinery, which means to try to use strong and strong Hercules to dry and live, and a complete construction process, in fact, need more workers, Hercules put After a lot of money to take away, is a group of cheap workers where the desperate to repair the dress.
When the economy up the line, the problem is not significant, but to the next period, we first eliminated is certainly those Hercules. Now as a non-mainstream small excavator market in the growth, and in the past unlimited infinite large-scale machinery is in unemployment, is the market performance of this problem. But the engineering robot, the need to consider is not to continue to produce cheap small machinery, but how to make small mechanical strength, completely replace the Hercules mainstream status.
3 doubts about the use of traditional machinery and mainstream technology
Excavator accounted for 50% of the world is total market for construction machinery, is a measure of construction machinery technology development of a landmark machinery. This is because the excavator is actually a construction site on a universal machine, it was said that the excavator is "man-machine one" model, is not an exaggeration.
However, when we respect the wisdom of predecessors at the same time, it should also be noted that: now is the era of smart phones. The car is about to leave the automatic shift, but to enter the era of automatic driving. How many people can enjoy this "man-machine unity" masterpiece? How many people are willing to master the secret of those masterpieces?
While the persistence of traditional technology, in turn, hindered the participation of emerging technologies. A senior automatic control scholar pointed out: to make a smart and capable of working together with a smart machine, is the most difficult to achieve. People are the way, machine organic way, have to twist the two lines together, it is likely to drag each other only behind the legs.
In addition, the current information technology construction technology is already very mature, but this tall construction method, in the infrastructure construction is very high degree of developed countries, in fact, there is no urgent need, in turn, in the infrastructure Is not developed, the construction of large-scale, and there is not enough skilled workers in place, only to show its strength. However, because the mainstream market and the separation of the main market, so that we do not realize that the next generation of technology pioneer market, should be in developing countries, rather than developed countries.
Therefore, the world is construction machinery industry really need China, not to the developed countries, technology used to absorb, digest, and then become a cheap production and distribution base, but with a side of the development needs of 3 billion people as the target market, with China Its own pioneer market, the establishment of a new generation of construction machinery development base. This is the global construction machinery market, the need for China is position. Along the way with the needs of 3 billion people, is the real post-market of Chinese construction machinery.
2 engines and fuels: the key issues facing the current Chinese market
Now, China is construction machinery users face the main problem is the engine and fuel costs. In the past 10 years of rapid construction period, the rich capital flows into the field of engineering construction, Chinese customers demand for Chinese enterprises, not to develop what is more suitable for the Chinese market demand models, but quickly come up with their own familiar machine. Which also forced the Chinese business community had to follow the mainstream market to move forward. During this period, although the Chinese customers also made a lot of personalized needs, but only improved, and will not affect the direction of technological development.
Developed countries have long been the world is easy exploitation of oil interests to get, leaving the emerging countries, oil resources are not without, but are very high cost of mining resources. Therefore, the emerging countries of the oil problem, in fact, much more than the developed countries. Emerging countries in order to develop, must be developed than the use of leapfrog energy strategy and technical thinking.
For example, when Japanese companies are addressing energy problems, it is enough for them to improve the engine and the hydraulic system. This will not only solve the customer demand for fuel and emissions direct demand, without destroying their industrial chain and technology chain. Improvements are over and their interests are improved.
Can Chinese companies do? The engine production technology is the accumulation of technology, not the introduction of several production lines can be fully realized, the engine of the more complex technology, the higher the cost of their own interests more oppressive; and Chinese customers also need to accompany to pay more High operating costs, which will further lift the cost of the project, the objective is also forced to build planners to cancel or delay a lot of need but not in urgent need of construction projects.
According to the law of economic development in the past can imagine, as long as the world economy a recovery, the first price is the oil, and, with the state on April 1, 2016 the implementation of the third phase of the implementation of emission standards, whether it is engineering machinery manufacturers, Or our mechanical users, the cost of consumption on the engine, will be getting higher and higher. Engineering machinery industry chain on the total cost of more than 50%, in fact, have been driven by the engine manufacturers and the Middle East oil, and no one discount, can not delay the day payment.
In such a cost pressure, coupled with the arrears of Party A is construction, the additional interest on bank loans, the wages of workers, etc., how can the survival of other people in the industry chain? Do not remove the engine and oil these two mountains, even if we can usher in the construction of the spring, will not wait for the spring of construction machinery.
Innovation: Solving China  is problems in China i s industrial background
Now we all realize that only innovation, only the hope of development. Perhaps everyone has a lot of creative dreams, but in the current market environment of China is construction machinery, the real effective innovation should be: the use of China is most easily mobilized resources to solve the most pressing problems in China now.
Electromechanical engineering machinery is an important direction. China from the "Eighth Five Plan" began to vigorously promote the electric, the current Chinese electric parts is the world is most abundant, the largest variety, the largest production capacity, the most complete supply chain countries, and capital markets, public opinion are also very electric stand by.
In addition, theoretically, engineering machinery, especially excavators, are the most costly and least costly machinery for all road and non-road machinery. Generally speaking, the same function of oil-driven cost is 3 times the electricity, the more oil the machine, the higher the electric interest. On the other hand, look at the cost of oil to electricity, electricity, the biggest weakness is not to carry, the more mobile machinery, the higher the cost of carrying electricity. We are familiar with all the machinery, including excavators, bulldozers, agricultural machinery, cars, buses and so on all the two indicators for the arrangement, as shown below. The vertical axis is the power consumption of the single machine for one year, and the horizontal axis represents the speed of the machine with its travel distance x.
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