"Industrial Internet + Internet of things" under the machinery manufacturing industry


With the rapid development of the Internet, many new models are emerging, to the industrial manufacturing industry has brought new changes. Mainly include the following main features include: 1, product manufacturing personalized; 2, the factory operation; 3, manufacturing resources, cloud.
Investment points
1, the Internet on the traditional industrial changes gradually become concerned about the new bright spot. At present the Internet has begun from the consumer, retail, entertainment, financial and other fields, began to gradually penetrate into the manufacturing sector. We see the information industry in the past may only involve a single link, and with the Internet in the industry penetration, it will from all aspects of the product, in the design, development, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service and other links are And industry began to integrate, revolutionary to improve the operational efficiency of the industry. At the same time, personalized custom and other new models are also emerging, the Internet is expected to completely change the industrial aspects of the business model. In this area will be born a lot of opportunities.
2, the Internet of Things is a long process of continuous development. The development of the Internet of Things requires a lot of technical accumulation, but also need to go through a long period of development, the current Internet of Things is being developed by the industry to the independent industry within the Internet of Things stage development, the process needs to experience 2-5 years. Internet of Things is mainly used in the service industry and manufacturing industry. It mainly provides IT and software services in the service industry. It mainly involves network communication and computer related equipment in the manufacturing industry. It also involves the upstream electronics industry, such as integrated circuit , Sensors and so on. Among them, the sensor as the Internet of things, is the basis of all things, the sensor in a variety of intelligent terminal applications is not only smart phones, wearable equipment and other consumer electronics, intelligent machines and other industrial applications in the field of the same application space The
3, the Internet and the development of things together to promote the "Made in China 2025" vision to achieve. The future in the realization of intelligent factories and intelligent production of the two themes in the process, is bound to combine the electronics, IT, industrial robots and other areas of technology. Intelligent factory focus on intelligent production systems and processes, as well as the implementation of networked distributed production facilities; and intelligent production mainly involves the entire enterprise production and logistics management, human-computer interaction, UAV, 3D printing and material manufacturing technology Application in Industrial Production. Artificial intelligence is the future direction of industrial development, and based on this related hardware and software facilities, such as industrial switches, industrial applications and other enterprises will benefit.

4, we believe that the future of the "Internet + Internet of Things" and the integration of industry is the trend, is a new round of industrial revolution is an important driving force in this area will be a lot of opportunities. In addition to large data and cloud services, in some vertical areas will appear excellent characteristics of the enterprise.

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