To the Internets genes and technology to promote the development of industrial machinery


I was fortunate to be soaked in depth in 2016 and baptized by brainstorming thinking, it is necessary to introduce to the industry colleagues, as well as the author of Internet thinking and Caterpillar operating series of articles of the appetizer to readers.

01 The concept of ecology
Internet thinking is very focused on the concept of eco-circle, the Internet financial business, for example, in this area, in addition to responsible for the marketing of the sales sector, there are responsible for credit, responsible for anti-fraud, third-party institutions, And withdraw from the manager. Through the interaction of the above business plate to form a closed loop. In this closed-loop, there are funds side of the provider, for the Internet to provide the source of living water, and then by the letter, responsible for anti-fraud, third-party agencies to the customer portrait, the establishment of black and white list, while the white list of customers to provide credit rating Service, during this period through the consumer links close to the marketing, so that consumer loans or financial services and customer high frequency of daily consumption behavior in close connection, in each individual business at the same time, and through similar to ABS or Alipay lending Mode to achieve capital exit.
The most powerful is that in this ecosystem, when the closed-loop formation, the data will be like a snowball, the more rolling and the achievements of the industry in the middle of the business through the technology-driven, that is, through the control of large data, You can abandon the client and the fund side, but only concerned about the business is generally considered a higher risk of trader. This model is seen as a new business type that increases risk by risk-driven innovation. In this regard, Aix Creative Performance Division Managing Director Adi Allen in the "management of innovative risk of art" put forward a similar point of view. Fudan University Employment and Venture Capital Research Center Executive Director, School of Management Professor Ning Zhong also put forward, "If the enterprise itself is far more risky than the control of the competitor is ability, then consciously increase the risk as an innovative choice. Increase the system risk to achieve business model innovation of the enterprise will be able to become a leader in the industry, which is the value of risk-driven innovation "
In contrast, the status of the construction machinery industry, we need more attention to sales and claims, but responsible for credit, responsible for anti-fraud, third party agencies are clearly not introduced, but also did not attach great importance to accounts receivable Securitization, capitalization, capital management and debt relief to enhance liquidity and decentralized risk.

02 focus on value creation
The core of Internet thinking is to worship the user is pragmatism, where the need to explain the user, not the customer. In the new changes brought about by the Internet, users really become the center of all, any industry and product must exist by creating value for the user to obtain users. Product manager and customer experience division has become the industry standard, different from the industrial marketing thinking that as long as the sales to complete the mission, the marketing as a one-time behavior. Internet thinking more emphasis on user thinking, the user relationship to the extreme. 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi often claim to be the biggest product manager of the odd tiger, adhere to the "learn to use the white mode, fool model, empathy to do the product, put themselves from the user point of view to imagine." To this end, he has been Adhere to the front line to see the user, and even the network of water army malicious attack posts, users can do in the microblogging customers. Of course, these are not for the show, but in order to be able to truly understand the user is ideas, do care.
Construction machinery industry can do as above, "a little bit of fear", "unaware" is not a lot, so this will be why the industry shouted for so many years after the market, but always no improvement or no scale effect of the reasons The Because we are more concerned about the product spreads and rebates to earn profits, but not the depth of the development of after-sales service, from the traditional passive maintenance services to take the initiative to care about the value of the new era of creation. It is important to know that Caterpillar sees equipment maintenance and parts replacement needs as an opportunity to sustain itself and its agents. During the 2008 to 2009 economic downturn, despite the 62% drop in Caterpillar is equipment sales, the steady stream of revenue from equipment maintenance and parts sales was given to Caterpillar and agents Important role.

03 niche market choice
In the 1980s, American business school scholars put forward the concept of niche market, specifically pointing to those who are ruled by the market / absolute advantage of the enterprises to ignore some of the market segments or niche market, selected a very Small products or services, focus on entering and becoming a leader, from the local market to the country and then to the world, while the establishment of various barriers, and gradually form a lasting competitive advantage. Internet thinking is also just two key points, one is to find inefficient point to achieve a breakthrough; one small eyes, micro-innovation. The core is concerned about the mainstream view or the giant are not concerned about the market areas or customers pain points to seek a breakthrough. To Internet finance, for example, consumer finance because of a single amount of small, complex type and not being optimistic about the traditional financial, but it has just become the Internet financial force niche market. Internet financial audience there are many in the central bank credit are not recorded, but the Internet through the artificial intelligence and large data processing, the perspective turned to the financial giants are not concerned about the weak characteristics of the crowd, through the large data portraits, the final completion of credit And financial services, to break the traditional financial industry is too poor love the rules of the game, to achieve a non-Pratt & Whitney financial innovation and development.
Corresponding to this is the construction machinery industry market management and development mechanism of the slow. The current industry overcapacity, excess competition, in addition to the market for the mandatory elimination, the industry is agency system has not undergone a fundamental change, some brands still exist brawl, internal consumption management, so that manufacturers are worse, in this mechanism The most obvious is a proxy area set up a number of agents, this management model is the most direct result of the surface is conducive to manufacturers control and containment, and even meet the individual managers rent-seeking, but in fact greatly damaged the market order, At the same time so that most of the agents belonging to the state of famine, would like to develop into Caterpillar is large agency model under the elite of the agents is basically harder and harder.

Risk diversification
There are three hedging risks in the Internet model: 1, accurate data, reduce the risk factor of decision-making, the most direct performance is the involvement of credit agencies; 2, delayed manufacturing. This is not delayed production time, but the product is divided into "standard" and "optional", the standard parts in advance production, the largest part of the difference in advance as an option as soon as possible to the market supply to the final quarterly forecast Completed to significantly reduce the cost of inventory and loss risk; 3, through the purchase of insurance, diversified investment, such as wind control.
The industry is actually the most lacking is the establishment of black and white list of customers, in fact, the association has also been prepared to launch such projects but stranded so far, I have also written a similar article called the establishment of the industry similar to the ant gold service credit system, Improve the effectiveness of each single business; at the same time, do a good job inventory control is a very critical step to cut costs, how to do as Carter did not hesitate to implement the Six Sigma is the industry must make up a lesson; and industry for accounts receivable how Effective decentralization of accounts receivable through the establishment of an independent asset management company or external commissioned by professional debt agencies or through ABS, factoring business and insurance business is also an urgent issue to be solved.

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