Construction machinery industry continues to pick up 2017 development can be expected


Relevant person analysis, engineering machinery to pick up the main reasons there are three points: the downstream fixed asset investment growth, last year sales low base effect, the three countries to enforce the standard. Among them, the new fixed assets of the new construction is the excavator sales this year, an important reason for continued good.
It is expected that the annual sales of excavators in 2016 nearly 70,000 units, an increase of about 20%. Construction machinery industry recovery is still continuous, first of all incremental support, this year, a substantial increase in new fixed assets for the industry to provide medium-term (6 months) demand support; followed by the stock update, the three countries after the mandatory implementation of engineering machinery stock Equipment update requirements will be gradually released.
Short-term demand for the good, the recent demand to see the policy, long-term rely on the updated trust. This year, China is real estate sales grew faster, conduction to the investment side, reflected in the excavator sales and the number of hours are positive recovery. At present, most of the sales of construction machinery products is lower than the level of maintenance, to excavators, for example, the social security of about 1.4 million units, according to 10 to 15 years of update level, update the demand in the 90,000 to 14 million units Level. It should be emphasized that the renewal has a supporting role for the needs of the industry, but not the decisive force, the actual sales still depend on the current construction needs.
Relevant people believe that outstanding enterprises rely on product layout and market share expansion, with the potential to maintain growth. For the maturity of the construction machinery products, such as excavators, concrete machinery, truck cranes, etc., enterprises should maintain growth, mainly depends on whether the company can continue to expand market share.
US infrastructure is concerned, engineering machinery once again ushered in the catalyst. The new president of the United States, Trump, repeatedly expressed concern about US economic growth, advocated the increase in infrastructure to revive the US manufacturing industry, the amount of capital investment will reach more than 500 billion US dollars, and support China is "one way" construction initiative.
The people believe that the US infrastructure construction efforts will increase the domestic construction machinery related equipment export demand, coupled with the domestic construction machinery enterprises continue to pick up the sales support, engineering machinery plate investment value highlights.
It is understood that Trump is $ 500 billion investment will be used to repair the city, rebuild the highway, bridges, tunnels, schools, airports and hospitals, to strengthen the US infrastructure. According to the World Economic Forum "Global Competitiveness Report", the quality of infrastructure in the United States ranked 19th in the world, it is indeed necessary to increase infrastructure investment, which will benefit China is large number of export business accounted for a larger construction machinery manufacturers, while driving the entire engineering machinery sector Rising market.
China is construction machinery enterprises as a whole product sales in the third quarter of 2016 has been significantly warmer, the relevant analysis, said the warmer will continue until the first quarter of 2017.
At the same time, engineering machinery listed companies after more than four years of industry restructuring, equipment hours, gross margin, debt ratio and other indicators have been basically stable, profitability began to recover signs of the overall adjustment of the basic plate, in good sales data and overseas Policy to stimulate the good, the industry value is expected to lift the focus of gravity.
Small Construction Machinery City
With the development of China is economy and the rich type of construction projects, small-scale construction machinery applications gradually expanded, the future market growth potential. With the continuous improvement of China is infrastructure construction, the domestic construction model will gradually from the "bold" to "carved" change, small construction machinery and equipment will have more and more application space. With the gradual development of new rural construction in China, the application of small-scale equipment in rural areas and small towns will be more and more. At the same time, with the construction of environmental protection, ecological construction, landscaping, greening and farmland construction, Small construction machinery must also have more and more broad stage.
China is small construction machinery to buy groups to expand, the purchase more rational. The future purchase of small construction machinery groups will be mainly: First, leasing companies, construction users do not need to buy, maintain and keep the equipment, only when needed to obtain the right to use the equipment can be leased; the second is the construction unit, they buy Equipment is to meet the company is regular use; Third, individual contractors, the purchase of equipment is mainly to undertake the project. These customers are particularly large in the range of small excavator buyers who are likely to develop into leasing companies and engineering contractors in the future. With the continuous popularization of small construction machinery, customer experience is also constantly enrich the use of the psychological maturity is also mature, so economical and practical, cost-effective products will be more favored by the market, customers in the product quality requirements more and more demanding at the same time, The product of the after-sales service also put forward higher requirements.
Local enterprises to enter the overseas market to accelerate the pace. China is domestic construction machinery prices generally lower than the international suppliers of similar products, with a better price advantage, with good export competitiveness; local enterprise product quality has been greatly improved, with the international first-class level close, so the local advantages of enterprises Products will be in overseas will be a larger market, exports will increase; with local enterprises in overseas markets continue to increase efforts to hinder the local construction machinery exports of overseas sales and service network construction has also been rapidly strengthened, These will certainly promote the rapid growth of local construction machinery exports.
From the product structure, small excavators will continue to grow, tapers loader growth potential is relatively large, skid loader is relatively stable.
Although the current domestic tap loader industry sales of only 800 to 1000 units per year, of which exports also account for a considerable proportion. However, from the past two years of development, optimistic estimates, the future of domestic excavator annual sales will be expected to reach 5,000 units. According to experts predict that China is tap loader market has been in the lead-in period near the end of the growth period will start a critical period, the development potential. The next few years, its market growth should be 15% to 20%. With the development of construction projects, in 3 to 5 years later, the excavator will enter the rapid growth period.

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