Shandong Lingong: engineering machinery will enter a period of steady growth


Bauma China 2016, Shandong Lingong released known as "China is first level" of the grader G9260, and announced the "G9" model grader fully upgraded. This move in many people in the industry view, is not unusual and for granted: think of the earth and stone machinery is known for Shandong Lingong in the annual most important industry exhibition actually focused on the release of a grader, but with the Volvo construction equipment Fusion point of view, G9260 grader listing marks the Volvo for Shandong Lingong production management and quality control action with a key vote cast.
Prior to this, with the "National Quality Award" in the country is most important quality award flowers in Shandong Lingong, in quality management, Shandong Lingong has promoted the industry leaders. Shandong Lingong President Yu Mengsheng, general manager of Wende Gang and Volvo Construction Equipment China President Anderson during bauma China 2016 to China Construction Machinery Business Network introduced Shandong Lingong in recent years in quality management initiatives, and elaborated on the The current view of the construction machinery market.

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Yu Mengsheng said that for any successful business, to improve product quality are the key to the development of enterprise competitiveness. Only the quality of the first place in order to do a good job, and then form the core competitiveness of enterprises.
In quality management, Shandong Lingong has been to strive for excellence to lead. Since the introduction of the high performance model in 2006, Shandong Lingong has developed a manufacturing strategy that continues to promote lean manufacturing, build efficient and advanced intelligent factories, and build a leading manufacturing system for construction machinery industry. In 2009, Shandong Lingong fully implement the lean production mode, formed the LPS system. Shandong Lingong original "one of the two-three combination" innovative management model is by virtue of outstanding results to become the construction machinery industry management and innovation model.
From the 2014 in Shandong Province, "Governor Quality Award" to 2015, "China Machinery Industry Quality Award", and then this year won the "National Quality Award", Shandong Lingong in quality management achievements on a year on a step. And Shandong Lingong quality control has also been highly recognized by professionals in the full understanding of Shandong Lingong perfect quality management system, the Chinese Quality Association Secretary-General Duan Yonggang has said that Shandong Lingong won the National Quality Award real name Go back
Wende Gang revealed that in the Great Hall of the National Quality Award, the Shandong Lingong chairman Wang Zhizhong has used three changes in Shandong Lingong generalization of the latest trends in quality management, first of all from the heavy investment into light investment, that is reduced The proportion of heavy assets investment, attention to technological transformation. Second, from the emphasis on inspection changes to process control up, by doing every detail, to improve the quality. Third, from the emphasis on hardware investment to pay attention to the soft investment, increase the information and intelligent manufacturing like soft investment.
Shandong Lingong this year is exhibition theme is "care, endless", which shows the Shandong Lingong to technological innovation as the core of the development concept, but also reflects the strategy to promote customer care. Yu Mengsheng said that Shandong Lingong from the product development stage began to really concerned about the customer, through the customer feedback needs applied to product development, Shandong Lingong from research and development to manufacturing and then to the after-sales service products are to promote the whole life cycle For customer care. And this theme has another meaning, that is, through the establishment of all the staff for the confidence of the market, enhance cohesion, Shandong Lingong fight a world famous brand.
In the macro, Shandong Lingong for the development trend of construction machinery has a clear prejudgment. Yu Mengsheng said that with the country to increase investment in infrastructure and transformation and upgrading of the accelerated construction machinery will enter a period of steady growth. Excavator pick up the current has been relatively clear, while the loader market, although not as optimistic about the excavator, there will be some recovery.

On the export side, Mengsheng believes that the overseas market as a whole will grow as a whole, although the situation in Central and Eastern Europe and South America is not optimistic, and the US government will also bring uncertainty to the North American market, but the South Asian market will gradually show potential. "Along the way" for the domestic construction machinery enterprises will go out there will be a great drive, Shandong Lingong will be in accordance with the established strategy of steady progress for customers around the world to provide more high-quality engineering machinery products.

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