Shanghai Announces 13 Innovative Technologies for Assembly Building Demonstration Projects


In order to better promote the construction of integrated building demonstration project, a few days ago, the Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Management Committee issued a shock-proof, isolation technology assembly structure or other new assembly-type mixed structure system, such as 13 assembly Building demonstration project innovation technology.
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According to the "Shanghai Building Energy Conservation and Green Building Demonstration Project Special Support Measures" (Shanghai Construction Materials Association [2016) 432), in order to better promote the city assembly of the overall building demonstration projects, I commissioned the "Shanghai Assembly architecture demonstration project innovation technology list ", is now issued to you, please implement.
Annex: "Shanghai assembly structure demonstration project innovation technology list"
Shanghai Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Management Committee Office
Issued on February 16, 2017
Annex: List of Innovative Technologies for Assembly Building Demonstration Projects in Shanghai
1, the use of shock absorption, isolation technology of the assembly structure system or other new type of mixed structure of the system.
2, the main structure of the connection node using dry connection, modular connection or other easy to construction and reasonable force of the new connection technology.
3, using the first method of high efficiency prefabricated prefabricated components.
4, residential large space variable room design or SI separation system applications.
5, civil construction, electrical and mechanical, decoration design or integration of large solar panels, outer shade and the outer components of the integrated design.
6, the use of structural waterproof windows, insulation, finishes integrated prefabricated external walls.
7, using EPC design, procurement, construction integration project general contracting model, including: design a procurement general contracting mode, procurement - construction general contracting model, design a construction general contracting mode.
8, the use of chip management technology or two-dimensional code technology in the component production, transportation, installation, acceptance of the whole process of information management.
9, in the implementation of design, construction preparation, component prefabrication, construction and operation and operation and other stages should be weeks BIM technology.
10, the use of free demolition template system or disassembly fast, high utilization of support, template system.
11, the use of safe and reliable light mechanical self-climbing platform platform or no external protection system outside the frame.
12, the use of high-precision high-precision measurement and control integrated installation process.

13, other in the management model, the new system, new technology, new materials, new technology and other aspects of innovative applications.

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