2016 in November before the main indicators of the machinery industry rebounded more than expected


Since 2016, the economic operation of the machinery industry continued the trend of stabilizing the fourth quarter of 2015, the overall situation is better than the beginning of the year, the main economic indicators to maintain a slight upward trend. In 2016, the major economic indicators of the machinery industry rebounded at the previous year is historic lows, and the pick-up trend exceeded expectations.
From the value of the added value of the machinery industry, the added value of the machinery industry in the period from January to November in 2006 was up by 9.6% over the same period of last year, which was 3.6 percentage points higher than that of the same period. Percentage point, higher than the same period last year machinery industry 4.3 percentage points higher than the 5.5% growth forecast at the beginning of the year.
From the main business income of the machinery industry, the machinery industry realized the main business income increased by 7.22% from January to October in 2016, which was 3.28 percentage points higher than that of the same period of last year. The growth rate of the machinery industry was 4.22 percentage points higher than that of the same period of last year.
From the total profits realized by the machinery industry, the total profit of machinery industry increased by 7.19% from January to October in 2010, 1.41 percentage points lower than that of national industry in the same period, but higher than the growth rate of the machinery industry by 6.01 percentage points in the same period of last year.
The main product output growth trend improved month by month
Among the 119 major product outputs monitored by the machinery industry in November-November 2010, 73 products grew by more than 60% year-on-year to 61.34%, and the number of product varieties increased month by month. From the month of growth products, the growth of 93 varieties of products, accounting for 78.15%, with double-digit growth of 53 species, accounting for 44.54%, down 26, accounting for 21.85%. Month products show a steady trend toward the good.
From the data can be found in line with the national industrial policy adjustment direction of the product stable growth, reflected in the consumption, environmental protection, technology upgrades close product growth momentum is better.
Such as consumer-related products grow faster. Automobile 2016 1 to 11 months respectively, the completion of production and sales of 25.027 million, 24.948 million, an increase of 14.26%, 14.11%. In the month of the year, the total number of special equipment for plastic processing warehousing increased by 15.69% and 4.24% respectively, and the total amount of packaging equipment increased by 2.25% and 4.34% respectively. The total amount of plastic processing equipment increased by 17.65% and 9.34% respectively.
Environmental protection products to maintain steady growth. Under the guidance of environmental protection policy, the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, from January to November 2010 new energy vehicle production 427,000, sales of 402,000, an increase of 59% over the previous year and 60.4%. The air pollution control equipment increased by 38.23% and 28.36% respectively, and the water pollution prevention and control equipment increased by 66.17% and 25.6% respectively. The solid waste treatment was carried out in the same period of last year, and the total amount of environmental pollution prevention and control equipment increased by 47.82% and 25.84% Equipment and the cumulative year-on-year growth of 19.51%, 4.96%, noise and vibration control equipment month and the cumulative year-on-year growth of 13.21%, 2.72%.
At the same time, the host product driven related parts of the linkage growth, driven by growth in automobile production and sales, automotive engine grew 12.12%, automotive instrumentation increased by 6.4%. Auto parts products continue to grow, such as hydraulic components, pneumatic components, metal fasteners, metal seals, gears, molds, automotive bearings and so on. Electrical and electrical industry in the national key transmission channel construction projects and to speed up the transformation of the distribution network and a new round of rural power grid upgrading project, driven by power transmission related products to maintain growth.
Investment products downward trend has also slowed down. From January to November, metal smelting equipment fell 16.69% year on year, the decline narrowed by 5.73 percentage points, the cutting machine was negative from positive to negative, up by 1.37%, and the refining and chemical production equipment dropped by 14.35% and 3.01 percentage points, Oil drilling equipment fell 12.03% year on year, the decline narrowed 13.95 percentage points, loaders fell 4.02% year on year, the decline narrowed 21.72 percentage points.
From January 2016, the growth rate of the excavation machinery in construction machinery increased by 30.4% in the month, of which the excavator grew by 61.43%; the metal cutting machine machine began to decline since the end of 2014, Trend, and continued four-month double-digit growth, which CNC machine tools from June 2016 began to correct. In addition, CNC machine tools, metal cutting tools, casting machinery in November 2016 were increased by 12.39%, 17.34%, 28.53%.
Industry issues worthy of attention
First, the machinery industry investment growth slowed down too fast. Machinery industry investment growth is lower than the national and lower than the manufacturing sector. From January to November, the total investment in fixed assets increased 8.3% YoY, and the manufacturing sector grew by 3.6% YoY. The investment in machinery industry grew only 1.07% from January to November, and the growth rate was lower than that of the whole country and manufacturing Investment growth.
The main sub-industry investment differentiation. From the amount of investment, the main sub-industry investment of more than 400 billion yuan are: the automotive industry 1,125.5 billion yuan, electrical electrical industry 989.3 billion yuan, petrochemical general industry 558.3 billion yuan, the basic machinery sector 526 billion yuan. Four industries accounted for 70.3% of the total investment in machinery industry.
From the major industry investment growth, seven industries to achieve year-on-year growth, which ranked first in the growth rate of investment: food and packaging machinery grew 12.43%, 8.29% of the electrical industry, instrument industry 4.85%. 6 industry investment growth fell year on year, the two-digit decline is: heavy mining machinery fell 11.79%, the internal combustion engine industry fell 12.73% year on year. Enterprises in place of funds is not ideal, 2016 1 to 11 months accounted for the bulk of the enterprise self-financing for 5 months year-on-year decline. Domestic loans continued to decline for 6 months, while bonds grew 815.6% year on year. State budget funds growth has maintained two growth, 2016 January-November year-on-year growth of 21.08%. The decline in business investment will directly affect the future market demand, must arouse great concern.
Second, the machinery industry, foreign trade import and export decline narrowed month by month. From January to October, the total import and export volume of machinery industry was US $ 526 billion, down by 4.77% year on year, of which US $ 219.9 billion was down, down by 4.25% and US $ 306.05 billion, down 5.14% year on year and trade surplus of US $ 8.61 billion. Foreign trade imports, exports fell more than the beginning of 2016 were 11.14,13.2 percentage points.
Again, market demand is unstable and order risk is rising. The total number of key enterprises linked to the machinery industry has rebounded, but it has been affected by uncertain factors such as rising raw materials, rising costs and exchange rate fluctuations. The order situation is unstable and the order risk is rising. To heavy mining machinery, oil machinery and other business orders significantly inadequate. main reason:
First, due to the early high-speed growth stage of the market accumulation of a larger amount of social stock, new projects on the market pulling effect is limited.

Second, the upstream industry, steel, coal, building materials, oil demand downturn, the demand for machinery and industrial equipment decreased. Heavy machine industry operating rate is not high, the majority of single-class production enterprises, large-scale thermal processing workshop there is open stop, large-scale backbone enterprises, orders down serious. According to the heavy machine industry part of the enterprise survey, the order gap of about 30%. Construction machinery industry by the infrastructure investment to increase the impact of 2016 8,9,10,11 part of the construction machinery products have significantly improved. To three cases, for example, excavator working hours average growth of 5%. Xugong Group also showed improvement in fundamentals and market space, mainly reflected in the decline in financial costs, especially in the case of RMB devaluation, due to the company is product exports accounted for about 20% of the exchange rate fluctuations have positive effects Large, the first three quarters of Xugong machinery financial costs fell 86%, gross margin steadily improved.

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