A Survey of the "Collective Excessive Emission" of Thermal Power Enterprises


Media have recently for the Shandong Provincial Price Bureau publicity 56 administrative penalty decision, accusing Huaneng, Huadian and other state-owned thermal power enterprises to become the most affected areas of air pollutant emissions, and the main reason for the fog of these large coal-fired generating units, "If the thermal power business is not up to the treatment of pollutants, emissions of pollution will increase infinitely, soot will reach more than a hundred times the current, sulfur dioxide will rise to more than 10 times, nitrogen oxides will increase more than 5 times ", These remarks have aroused widespread concern in the community and Internet users heated discussion. Shandong coal enterprises, especially Huaneng, Huadian such central enterprises will appear collective violations? Reporters rushed to Shandong, has visited the Huaneng, Huadian and other related power plants and Shandong Province, environmental protection, price and other departments, also interviewed in Beijing, China Power Enterprise federation, conduct an in-depth investigation into the incident.
Question 1: "State-owned power plants while holding environmental protection side of the super-row" is true?
November 23, 2016, the Shandong Provincial Price Bureau on the province of 55 power plants out of the breath of 56 single, the total amount of the ticket as high as more than 2400 yuan, the name of the ticket appears in the name we are not familiar: Huaneng, Huadian, Guodian, Datang, China Resources and other well-known state-owned enterprises. Recently, the reporter came to the report mentioned in the "penalty" business - Huaneng Jinan Huangtai power plant.
In the Huangtai power plant monitoring center, the reporter saw the electronic screen kept beating the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust emissions of real-time monitoring data. According to the site staff, at present, the Shandong provincial government local ultra-low emission standards limit is dust 5 mg / cubic meter, sulfur dioxide 35 mg / cubic meter and nitrogen oxides 50 mg / cubic meter, Huang Tai power plant 4 units emission data All better than the ultra-low emission standards in Shandong Province.
Zhou Yannan, deputy director of the plant, said: "The amount of the recovery relative to the year 2015 annual environmental protection price, is a very small part of our plant has invested a lot of money to complete the ultra-low emissions, effectively remove the coal combustion The process of pollutants, to meet the Shandong local ultra - low emission limit requirements, we should say that we are environmental leaders.
Zhou Yannan specifically added: "At present, China is thermal power plant in the broad" thermal power plant air pollutant discharge standards "(GB13223-2011) on the basis of further requirements of thermal power plants to achieve ultra-low emissions of pollutants, pollutants ultra-low emission limit Values are nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and soot emissions were not higher than 50 mg / m3, 35 mg / m3, 10 mg / m3, which is the national ultra-low emission standards, and in Shandong local regulations, soot Ultra low emission standards are 5 mg / m3. "
Huaneng Shandong company deputy general manager Ding Xingwu to reporters looked at his cell phone text messages, content is Huaneng Huangtai power plant pollutant emissions data. "The pollutant emission data and the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Office of the network, if the pollutant emissions problems, the environmental protection department will be the first time to find and master from the Huaneng Huangtai power plant to the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Office, Huaneng Shandong Branch, Huaneng Group, these data are layers of monitoring. "Ding Xingwu said.
Reporters from the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Office to retrieve the Huangtai power plant in 2015 exceeded the standard discharge and excessive reasons. The results show that the four units exceed the "thermal power plant air pollutant discharge standards" (GB13223-2011) period of 23 hours a total of 23 hours, of which sulfur dioxide exceeded 1 hour, dust exceeded 7 hours, nitrogen oxides exceeded 15 hours, compliance rate 99.92%; more than Shandong local ultra-low emission standards for a total of 13 hours a year, compliance rate of 99.88%. It should be said, relative to the whole plant 4 units 29226 hours of running time, which is a very small proportion.
Reporters in the survey to get a Huadian Zhangqiu power plant data show that in 2014, the plant in 2015 the environmental price was confiscated 4.25 million yuan, 283,600 yuan. In this regard, Zhangqiu power plant deputy director Ren Shangkun said, mainly to start off the nitrogen oxides exceeded, CEMS (online monitoring system) failure caused by environmental charges confiscated.
"2015, due to instrument replacement commissioning, CEMS transmission problems, one day deduct environmental protection price of 195,600 yuan." Ren Shangkun said. Ding Xingwu said, to Huangtai power plant, for example, the power plant 4 units operating 29226 hours a year, which accumulated over 36 hours, the other 29190 hours are running standard discharge, and excessive discharge of 36 hours of environmental protection has been returned.
These are that the central enterprises of the thermal power plant is strictly enforced national environmental policy. So, the price department of the ticket is how is it? In this regard, Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Office of Regional Coordination Office Deputy Director Zhao Hui explained to reporters that there is a misunderstanding. Shandong Province Price Bureau out of these tickets, strictly speaking, should be the price "charge", rather than "fine." In order to compensate for the power plant to promote environmental protection, the country in 2014 launched a green price and regulatory approach, the purpose is to use economic leverage to encourage power plant construction and transformation of environmental protection facilities. If found that some of the hourly average of less than the standard price of environmental protection, and emission daily average did not meet the extent of environmental protection penalties, then the price department will confiscate the excessive price of electricity, that is, the reward money will be deducted The
Zhao Hui explained that the original policy of environmental protection is the power plant environmental protection facilities construction and operating costs of the compensation policy, that is, the operation of the fare increase policy, but if the operation did not meet the standard, it is necessary to deduct the corresponding environmental price, whether due to unit shutdown reasons, Or because of CEMS online monitoring system instrumentation causes. Although these are objective reasons, but the environmental protection department still finds that should not enjoy the environmental protection of electricity subsidies, to buckle back, but not punishment.
However, why the price department clearly read the "administrative penalty decision book", the environmental protection department said "is not a punishment" on the basis of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a "development price of 2014," which Article 15 provides: "CEMS is unable to collect and transmit data in a timely manner due to failure, as well as other intrusive objective reasons, due to the denitrification, desulfurization, dust removal facilities, or the low load of the unit leading to the denitrification facility to exit and cause the pollutant concentration to exceed the limit Environmental protection facilities are not normal operation, etc., should be confiscated during the period of environmental protection, but free from fines.
Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Office of the Department of Atmospheric Division Wen Chao told reporters that from the 2016 statistical results, the Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province in 2016 9 times on the 62 companies issued a notice, which involves the five power generation group a total of 3 Times, of which twice because the nitrogen oxides exceeded. Verification found that lead to certain periods of discharge can not meet the main reason is the start stop. Unit in the start-up process, when the flue gas temperature below 310 ¡æ, the denitrification facilities can not work properly, can not achieve the purpose of removing nitrogen oxides, which is the industry is common technical problems.
Question 2: coal-fired units "excessive emissions" is equivalent to "stealing row of super-row"?
Reporters learned in the interview, similar to the fact that there are indeed excessive. In this regard, the China Electricity Council vice president, power environmental experts Wang Zhixuan pointed out that the generator set in the start and stop, debugging process and low load operation of pollutant discharge short period of time exceeded the normal operating conditions of the standard limit, By the existing pollutant removal process and technology constraints, not subject to malicious business.
"Unit under normal conditions of excessive discharge can not be compared with the stolen row of super-equidistant." Wang Zhixuan said.
At present, in accordance with the requirements of grid dispatching or maintenance of the unit environmental protection, the generator sets should be started, outage and low load operation. During these specific periods, the emission concentration of nitrogen oxides will exceed the normal discharge standard. In the unit start and stop phase, desulfurization, dust removal equipment is often the first investment and the final exit; and the unit under low load conditions, desulfurization, dust removal equipment is also normal operation, that is, a specific period of pollutant exceeds the standard limit, Refers to the failure to meet the denitrification facilities put into operation conditions caused by excessive nitrogen oxides. At present, the thermal power plant denitrification commonly used is selective catalytic (SCR) denitrification technology, the technology is characterized by the normal working temperature range of 310 ~ 400 ¡æ. During the start-up and shutdown of the unit, when the flue gas temperature is lower than 310 ¡æ, the denitrification facility is unable to work normally, and the purpose of removing nitrogen oxides can not be achieved.
"Objectively speaking, under existing conditions, if the flue gas temperature is lower than the denitrification device operating temperature, the nitrogen oxide concentration will increase, the current problem is difficult to avoid.But because this situation occurs under low load operation , At this time the total amount of coal is less, the corresponding amount of flue gas is also less, emissions do not necessarily increase, and may even be reduced. "Wang Zhixuan said.
Reporters learned that, for the unit in the process of starting and stopping the nitrogen oxides exceeded the situation, Shandong power enterprises have been in accordance with the national environmental protection price of the assessment requirements, the unit start and stop the situation and environmental protection facilities reported to the environmental protection department for the record. The price of the publicity process also shows that the power plant in Shandong area did not get the unit start and stop pollutants exceeding the concentration limit of electricity prices, in line with environmental protection price assessment requirements, did not violate the relevant provisions of the plot.
Reporters to get a "Shandong Provincial Price Bureau administrative penalty decision book" shows that the price department is also the implementation of the price of the implementation of the process of "confiscated environmental protection price." It should be said that this behavior for the price of environmental protection is the Shandong Provincial Price Bureau in accordance with the provisions of the management, for all the province to enjoy the environmental protection of electricity generation enterprises, will not enjoy the environmental protection of electricity revenue recovery, not a fine.
Reporters in the survey found that the past two years, some power plant downtime more and more. In this regard, the Union Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation Director Pan Li said that in the current coal surplus period, the coal power unit to assume the task of increasing the peak power grid, power grid scheduling instructions will be more changes, the unit start and stop The number of times will increase, the low load operation period will be longer. In terms of power plants, it is necessary to obey the power grid dispatching instructions, and the start-up and low-load operation are not the active choice of the power plant.
Wang Zhixuan said that the flue gas temperature does not meet the denitrification system working conditions brought about by the excessive nitrogen oxides, on the one hand, the power plant in the transformation are actively consider the low load denitrification transformation, through some technical upgrades, as far as possible denitrification The working load of the device is wider, but it is unrealistic to completely avoid it, because the denitration catalyst technology is difficult to make a breakthrough. And through other means, such as increasing the flue gas temperature, there are also inputs and environmental quality, economic costs between the optimization problem. On the other hand, although the current denitrification process is the world is use of more and more advanced technology, but many research institutions and power companies are still active research, looking for more efficient, less restrictive denitrification process to achieve a comprehensive benefit The whole condition of denitrification.

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