Chinese girl developed nano-filter to deal with pollution in India a huge demand


German media, Silicon Valley and San Francisco are the world is young entrepreneurs of the Holy Land, they hope that the unusual design concept, change people is lives, diet and lifestyle. Chinese girl Vivian and German youth Felix is one of them, the two are developing a able to purify water and air nanofiltration to improve the lives of millions of people.
According to the German voice radio website reported on February 20, Vivian Qu from childhood living in the United States. At the age of two, follow the parents to immigrate to the United States. Filed a trip back to Shanghai to visit grandparents, Vivian could not bear to look back.
She said: "childhood Shanghai has become a huge pollution of the industrial city."
"Where is the problem, where there is a chance" - this is the motto of the San Francisco entrepreneur Holy Land, Vivian lives in San Francisco, a year ago, she created in San Francisco "ViaeX" company.
Reported that Shanghai and other Asian cities of large-scale air and water pollution so that Vivian was worried, after all, her grandparents still live there. At the same time, for her, there is also a challenge to science and technology: she wants to develop a clean air and water filter, it can filter out tiny particles.
At the University of California at Berkeley in San Francisco, Vivian met the German Felix Fischer, who also studied the materials. When it comes to the choice of "nanofiltration", this seemingly boring product development, Felix explained: "To know that 60% of death and pollution, which is interesting or boring whether the subject, but people must To deal with the problem. Since World War II, filtration technology has been stagnant since then, many new technologies come out, such as electric vehicles. The only one without any change is the filtering technology, even in the case of pollution problems become more serious. I do not think the choice A state of stagnation, to innovate, so that the lives of many people can be boring.
7 months, the two buried in the laboratory. They are reluctant to talk about how the "nanofilter" specifically deals with the removal of contaminated particles. It is now known that this filter device uses nanofiber technology and has multiple layers of filtration membranes. But it does not filter all the pollution, but for specific substances: heavy metals, drug residues, biological products residues and viruses. This filter requires less energy than conventional filters.
When it comes to making the material used in the production of the filter, Vivian said, "Our base material comes from the seashells in the ocean. When people eat shrimp seafood, their shells are recyclable. Today, there are 2000 More than 10,000 tons of marine waste generated, especially in the Indian Ocean waters.
Felix said that the use of natural substances, the special treatment of the filter device, and ultimately can be very effective in filtering air and water pollutants.
Regional government, public water supply facilities, hospitals - the first batch of large customers have expressed interest in the filter device. Vivian and Felix have raised millions of dollars in development funding. The two hope to eventually be able to start production, but just received from the machine shipped from Europe can not work properly, Felix is caught in the manufacturers, transporters and insurance companies among the disputes.
They know that there are other manufacturers in the Asian market for the production of filtration devices, many of them have a very high quality filter. "There are two R & D filters in California," says Vivian. "Their filters can be installed in cars, masks, or in the home, especially in India, China and the Saudi Arabian middle class Continued growth."
"There are two R & D filters in California," says Vivian. "Their filters can be installed in cars, masks, or in the home, especially in India, China and the Saudi Arabian middle class Continued growth."
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