Nearly half of the air purifier deposit "problem" under the new national standard industry is facing reshuffle


After experiencing large-scale heavy haze in the eastern region, the air purifier entered the list of purchases by many families.
In fact, in the past for a long period of time, the air purifier industry in China is not taken seriously, until 2011, institutions continue to report PM2.5 behavior to obtain social concern.
There is no doubt that the haze weather to the Chinese air purifier industry to get a burst of growth.
Fog haze frequent air purifier industry outbreak
Before 2010, China is air purifier market is mainly used for industrial pollution and medical and other professional fields, the market size is relatively small, slow growth. After 2010, due to fog haze weather, China is air purifier civilian market began to heat up quickly. China is air purifier sales and air quality is relatively large, with a strong seasonal, in the terminal retail volume and retail sales, also showed a certain seasonal, autumn and winter retail sales and retail sales were significantly higher than the other months The
In recent years, the north, northeast, south China and other regions of the haze weather more than seven days of the city reached 25, with the continuous improvement of people is living standards, more and more attention to the degree of health, air purifiers become a lot of families to deal with serious air Pollution of choice.
Honeywell intelligent building and home group Greater China smart home vice president and general manager Ma Rongjun to the first financial reporter said, review the development track in recent years, consumers of air purifier products recognition is also increasing , The air purifier market has experienced from high-speed growth to gradual return to rational process.
Consumers purchase demand than the previous few years have increased significantly from the sales channel level, online and offline size gap gradually narrow, have their own advantages, the focus of the purification market to the electricity business platform offset, online market growth is important power. Jingdong data show that the amount of air purifier sales orders grew by more than 130%, the chain growth of more than 100%.
He said that both the original home appliance business, Internet companies, or start-up companies, more and more brands have joined the air purifier market.
Industry barbaric products are mixed
Consumers of the air brand awareness can not be achieved overnight, many of the so-called air purifier list also to consumers to buy a layer of fog.
China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo pointed out that the purification of indoor air, in addition to filtering dust, but also the need to eliminate harmful gases, kill pathogenic bacteria, three aspects. While the air purifier can be done at the same time to remove these three aspects of the harm. However, the air purifier market chaos, the product varies greatly, business fraud caused a lot of consumer rights and interests damage.
Recently, the Beijing Municipal Consumers Association announced 50 net sales of air purifier comparison experimental results. The results show that there are 26 problems, accounting for 54% of the total. Among them, there is no qualified level of energy efficiency level of 14 samples, another seven samples there are serious security risks, one-fifth of the issues related to product promotion and the actual does not match. Even if the foreign brands also have 23.2% of the failure rate, according to the State Administration of Quality Supervision Bulletin of the 2016 catalog outside the import and export commodities supervision and spot checks, imported goods, the concern of the air purifier failure rate as high as 23.2%. Samsung, Sharp, Bain also boarded the blacklist, there is publicity and the actual does not match and so on.
January 5, 2017, the Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau announced in December 2016 commodity consumer complaints details, in household appliances, air purifiers become a hot spot for complaints. Which 12315 and 96315 two hotline, one month received a consumer about the purchase of air purifiers caused by consumer disputes up to 60 pieces.
In the air purifier products, the user complaints the most problems, mainly concentrated in the following four aspects: First, the operators of air purifiers when the exaggerated publicity air purifier product features; second, air purifier business is not trustworthy, Refused to fulfill the agreement when the purchase; third, the goods to the goods or regional transfer cargo on the grounds of delay delivery; Fourth, the warranty period of noise, do not have the purification of air and other aspects of quality problems.
New national standard implementation industry reshuffle soon
For the brutal growth of the air purifier industry, regulators have introduced a number of policies, such as the implementation of the new national standard, the upcoming classification standards.
September 15, 2015 release of the "air purifier" national standards for clean air, the cumulative amount of purification and sound power level and other key indicators for detailed classification and regulations. March 2016, the new version of "air purifier" national standard issued to ease the air purifier market evaluation and labeling of the chaotic situation, and gradually improved because of consumer awareness and exaggerated propaganda and harm the interests of consumers.
Tianjin Environmental Protection Products Association Zhang Yun City to the first financial reporter said that the current standard, many indicators are not comprehensive enough, businesses easy to beat the side of the ball misleading consumers, many indicators is only the pursuit of a test indicators, can not truly represent the actual application The An air purifier brand said that because the national standard is not a mandatory standard, many brands also played the edge of the ball. Some of the GBR in the CADR value of the replacement and publicity for the removal rate, to steal the concept of misleading consumers.
After January 1, 2017, the Environmental Protection Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the air purifier China Environmental Standards formally implemented. Ma Rongjun said that under the influence of the new standard, the overall level of the domestic air purifier industry will be improved, the previous manufacturers propaganda and the actual effect of the situation will be gradually reduced.
The industry believes that in the new standard, the market situation will be good or bad will be improved. The new standard clarifies the air purifier products used in different sizes of rooms to remove PM2.5, formaldehyde and other organic volatile substances such as the maximum purification targets, noise and other requirements, but also for the first time the provisions of the silent state of the product purification requirements. After the implementation of the standard, consumers can be based on the air purifier posted on the Chinese environmental signs to identify, and as an important basis for the purchase of products.
China National Electric Appliance Research Institute, deputy chief engineer Lu Jianguo said that the first air purifier China Environmental Labeling Standards and "air purifier" (GB / T18801-2015) GB compared to not only based on the former basis, but also from different angles on The air purifier made the request. For consumers to buy the right air purifier products provide a reference, while further promoting and regulating the healthy and orderly development of the industry.
With the gradual decline of the new standard, the industry will be further standardized. Zhongyi Kang statistics show that as of October 2016, the industry reduced the brand more than 100, about 20% reduction in the industry, a slight increase in product prices, and the price increase is mainly due to the new national standard after the promulgation, some do Low-end products, mixing prices, the quality of the new national standard of the air purifier enterprises out of the market.

For the future, Ma Rongjun said: In China, the amount of air purifier is still very low, the market demand has not been fully excited, the development of space is very large. We are also optimistic about the future of China is smart home market, including air purifier prospects. With the formal implementation of the new national standard, the air purifier market is becoming specialized, standardized, shuffling period gradually to the end, the industry is expected to move in a more healthy and stable direction. This allows consumers to choose better when they buy.

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