Zoomlion sanitation equipment to help "beautiful three sand" construction


February 21, the beautiful Xisha Islands Yongxing Island, Zoomlion to the three municipal government in Hainan donated three total value of one million yuan of sanitation equipment to support the three sand city municipal facilities construction, as the "beautiful three sand" construction Contribute.
It is understood that the Zoomlion donated three sand city products, including a washing car, a suction sewage truck, a set of environmental monitoring vehicles, are the latest development of the company is high-end, intelligent, green products, can effectively meet the three Shashi special sanitation needs.
Established in 2012, Sansha City, under the jurisdiction of the Xisha Islands, the Nansha Islands, the sand island of the reef and its waters. Is the smallest land area, the largest total area, the least population of the city.
Due to the fragile ecological environment of the island reefs, Sansha City attaches great importance to environmental protection work, strengthen the ecological protection of sewage treatment stations, garbage collection and transfer stations, sanitation stations, marine life and cultural relics protection station, marine environmental monitoring station "five station" Sand natural pure natural environment. Zoomlion is three donations will be mainly served in the Yansha Municipal Government resident Yongxing Island. Yongxing Island is the largest island of Xisha Islands, the island has five major streets and a road around the island.
It is reported that this is also the second division of the Zoomlion Sansha City. As early as 2013, Zoomlion QY50VF truck crane landing Yongxing Island, became the first landing Sansha City and assume the task of construction crane. More than three years time, QY50VF truck crane has been serving the three sand road, sanitation engineering, municipal construction and other infrastructure construction.

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