Environmental protection industry opportunity window 2014 investment direction has been determined


National and local support efforts continue to increase, is gradually affecting the development of China is environmental protection industry and pattern, the ecological environment protection and related industries to push the opportunity window. Investment opportunities are mainly reflected in: the scale of urban and rural sewage treatment - quality "double increase" there is a vast market space; desulfurization and denitrification market continues to expand, equipment manufacturing and technological upgrading of the investment outlook is optimistic; clean energy and new energy with certain industrial development opportunities ; Social capital can use PPP model to participate in environmental protection projects.
Thanks to the excitement of the real estate market and the investment in infrastructure investment, China is GDP grew by 6.7% in 2016. In the context of China is economy entering the "new orientation" and "new normal", the traditional way of promoting economic growth has been difficult to sustain. The state to further promote the supply side of structural reform, to further improve the quality of supply, adjust the economic structure. In the context of the gradual increase in per capita income of residents, service supply is difficult to meet the needs of consumer demand to upgrade the background, the residents of the growing demand for leisure and health.
At the same time, the state introduced a series of policies to support the encouragement for the tourism industry and environmental protection industry to bring new opportunities for development. During the New Year, we have launched an article to discuss the development trend of tourism industry and opportunities. Today, we take a look at the environmental protection industry investment background and opportunities is what?
background analysis
(1) China is current situation and objective demand to become the driving force for the development of environmental protection industry
China is industrialization, urbanization, agricultural modernization task has not yet been completed, ecological and environmental protection is still facing enormous pressure, development and protection of the increasingly prominent contradictions. Ministry of Environmental Protection data show that 78.4% of China is urban air quality is not up to standard; urban built area black and white water there is a large number of lakes eutrophication is still prominent, part of the river basin water pollution is still heavy. The national soil exceeded the standard rate of 16.1%, farmland soil exceeded the standard rate of 19.4%, industrial waste land pollution problems. Therefore, to further promote environmental protection and governance is an important guarantee for innovation and green development in China.
With the growing awareness of public ecological and environmental protection, the whole society to protect the ecological environment together gradually formed for the development of environmental protection industry to create a social consensus. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, the ecological civilization construction into the "five in one" overall layout, and introduced a series of special plans to ensure the gradual improvement of ecological quality. These measures are gradually affecting the development and pattern of China is environmental protection industry, the ecological environment protection and related industries to push the opportunity window.
(B) environmental protection policy for the development of environmental protection industry to lay a solid legal basis
In recent years, China is ecological and environmental protection policy in two aspects at the same time force: First, a more comprehensive pollution control measures and ecological and environmental protection; Second, more stringent environmental rule of law.
Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining at the National Environmental Protection Work Conference in 2017, said to resolutely control the atmosphere, water and soil pollution, increase ecological protection efforts. In recent years, "the atmosphere of ten", "water ten" and "soil ten" is increasingly becoming the main line of environmental governance, involving ultra-low emissions, small and medium-sized boiler out, black and white water treatment, centralized sewage treatment and soil pollution remediation And a series of work. Through the environmental hard constraints to eliminate backward production capacity, key industries and enterprises to standard discharge of the deadline for the transformation of industrial pollution and comprehensive self-monitoring and information disclosure will maintain environmental law enforcement high pressure situation. At the same time, more stringent environmental law enforcement will also achieve the stealing and stealing, data fraud enterprises severely punished. These two directions to vigorously promote the environmental protection industry in 2017 and even the "thirteen five" period of vigorous development and lay a solid legal foundation.
In the above context, we believe that environmental protection equipment and third-party governance will become the two major growth point of environmental protection industry development. First, in the field of environmental protection equipment, more comprehensive pollution control measures and more stringent environmental law enforcement will directly lead to the upgrading of industrial enterprises environmental protection equipment, which gave birth to flue gas treatment, desulfurization and denitrification, industrial wastewater treatment, soil conditioning and repair A series of technical fields in the spring. Second, in the area of environmental third-party governance, with the construction and upgrading of environmental infrastructure to small towns, parks and rural areas, the demand for environmental governance services will become increasingly strong. At the same time, with the gradual expansion of the PPP model, social capital to participate in such projects more and more opportunities, sewage treatment, ecological management, new energy applications and other more professional environment, third-party governance and service areas will usher in opportunity.
Investment opportunities
(A) the scale of urban and rural sewage treatment - quality "double increase" there is a vast market space
In the field of sewage treatment, since 2015, "Water 10" after the introduction of new sewage treatment facilities and the original sewage treatment facilities to mention the upgrading of the project has been gradually put on the agenda. According to the National Development and Reform Commission estimates, in order to achieve the 2020 all the city cities, counties and towns with sewage collection capacity of the target, "three five" period, the new sewage treatment facilities 48.9 million cubic meters / day, Sewage treatment facilities scale 40.53 million cubic meters / day. The calculation shows that the "13th Five-Year" urban sewage treatment facilities construction total investment of about 58.29 billion yuan, of which the new sewage treatment facilities to invest 119.2 billion yuan to raise the standard transformation of sewage treatment facilities investment 39.5 billion yuan.
Rural sewage treatment also has a greater investment potential. China is rural sewage treatment facilities construction generally lagged behind, 2016 rural sewage treatment rate of only 22%. In the "three five" period, the echelon to promote rural sewage treatment has been incorporated into environmental protection and protection of key projects. According to the Ministry of housing construction estimates, to complete the national 160 million farmers living sewage treatment work, only the construction investment will reach 1.6 trillion yuan. Therefore, the rural sewage treatment also has a relatively broad market space.
(B) desulfurization and denitrification market continued to expand, equipment manufacturing and technological upgrading of the investment prospects optimistic
China Investment Advisory Industry Research Institute survey data show that in 2015 China is desulfurization and denitrification industry scale of more than 90 billion yuan, of which the scale of about 18.7 billion desulfurization industry, denitrification industry scale of about 75 billion yuan, and with the national air pollution regulations more and more The more stringent, the next 5 to 10 years will be the focus of China is air pollution control period, the market capacity will continue to maintain an increase of about 10%, while China is environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry average annual growth rate will remain at 20% or more.
Driven in the huge environmental protection equipment market, desulfurization and denitrification equipment and technology upgrading business will be developed by leaps and bounds. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection predicted that the "thirteen five" period, the thermal power industry ultra-low emission equipment will enter the phase of the development phase of the new phase, desulfurization equipment, denitrification catalyst, zero emissions of desulfurization wastewater and other industrial demand will usher in the development of catalyst demand There was a significant increase. At the same time, China is desulfurization and denitrification industry, there are still some technical problems to be overcome, such as flue gas desulfurization technology has not yet fully grasp, SCR denitrification catalyst regeneration technology is still in its infancy. Therefore, desulfurization and denitrification equipment in the market there is still a huge market development space and related technology to be further developed and improved environment, China is desulfurization and denitrification industry has a better international advanced technology opportunities and capital investment opportunities.
(C) clean energy and new energy with a certain industrial development opportunities
In China is industrialization, urbanization in depth, energy and resource consumption continues to increase, the pressure of air pollution prevention and control continue to increase in the context of promoting clean energy and new energy applications can solve the problem from the source.
According to this, the "Air Pollution Control Action Plan" proposed to accelerate the central heating, "coal to gas", "coal to electricity" project construction, control the total coal consumption, accelerate the alternative use of clean energy, and actively and orderly development of hydropower, Development and utilization of geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, safe and efficient development of nuclear power. "Plan" requirements, by 2017, coal accounted for the proportion of total energy consumption fell to 65%, Beijing, Tianjin, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions strive to achieve a negative growth in total coal consumption. It can be seen that the state is consumption limits for traditional energy sources, which are dominated by coal, provide opportunities for the development and application of clean energy and new energy sources. At present, the development of new energy sources such as wind energy, nuclear energy, biomass energy, solar energy and so on has already formed the initial scale in China, and the development of shale gas and coalbed methane is also advancing in an orderly manner. In the relevant technology to further breakthrough under the premise of its large-scale industrialization will be just around the corner, investment in related areas will also have a wide range of prospects.
(4) Social capital can use the PPP model to participate in environmental protection projects
According to the Ministry of Finance PPP Center published data, PPP model has been widely used in the environmental protection industry. Ministry of Finance data show that the PPP model in the sewage treatment, waste disposal, comprehensive management of water environment, black and black water remediation, wetland parks and many other areas have a large number of storage projects. As of the end of September 2016, the Ministry of Finance PPP Center all 10471 storage projects, including 809 sewage treatment projects, 314 sewage treatment, ecological construction and environmental protection projects 581, accounting for 16.27% of the total number of storage projects. It can be seen that the environmental protection PPP project has been supported and invested by the government and social capital under the support and support of the policy. According to the previous analysis, the future of environmental protection industry will still have a huge market space, PPP model in the environmental protection project investment and construction process will also be further use.
Analysis of the Ministry of Finance environmental protection project storage data can be found in environmental protection PPP projects such as sewage treatment, waste disposal, comprehensive management of water environment, wetland parks and other projects are usually paid by the government. This project is mainly used in the form of BOT (construction-operation-transfer), and the stock is invested or constructed by social capital by means of ROT (alteration-operation-transfer) or TOT (transfer-operation-transfer) Responsibility, and is responsible for follow-up operations services. The project company does not charge the user directly, but by the government direction to fulfill the obligation to pay the project company. In view of the fact that the government usually has a good ability to pay, so the pursuit of long-term stable and reasonable profits of investors, participation in environmental protection projects will be a good investment choice, and PPP model for potential investors to provide a transparent and standardized participation path.
Compared with the tourism industry, environmental protection industry is more policy-oriented. Under the condition of increasing environmental conditions in our country, the state will continue to strengthen water pollution control, enforce a series of measures such as low-carbon desulfurization and denitrification for a long period of time, and will continue to encourage and guide the innovation and development of environmental protection industry. The steady growth of related industries, and further tap the investment opportunities. Social capital may be on the sewage treatment, desulfurization and denitrification equipment transformation, clean energy power generation, new energy research and application projects to explore the use of PPP model or concept, and government cooperation to invest, make full use of the country is current preferential policies, reasonable distribution of their own risk, Long-term development and continuous improvement of the environment.

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