Water purifier industry into the shuffle period usher in the depth of industry integration


Birth, outbreak, integration, foregone conclusion, almost all industries are repeating this format cycle. The same is true of the water purifier market. Although not up to the whole topic, but the quality of uneven, the price of the water purifier market is about to enter the shuffle period.
"Water is the source of human life." However, with the recent frequent water pollution incidents, but let more and more people began to worry about water quality. Coupled with the improvement of people is living standards, water purifier success to thousands of households. According to the media is not entirely statistics, search on Taobao "water purifier" this keyword, pop-up related products have nearly 200 brands, thousands of products. Another statistics, said the domestic water purifier brand is as high as 5600 as much.
Water purifier industry into the shuffle period usher in industry depth integration (picture from the Internet)
Today, the domestic water purifier market environment is constantly changing, increasing market competition, changes in consumer demand, the introduction of national policies. And this series of changes in the factors are strong booster water purifier good market. China Yikang monitoring data show that by 2015, China is water purification market to more than 64% of the rapid expansion of the market size of 2015 reached 22.8 billion. 2016 in January-October, total sales of water purification equipment 23.1 billion yuan, an increase of 20%, is expected in 2016 annual market size of 285 yuan, an increase of 24%.
Based on this, the industry generally predicted that the size of the water purifier market in the next six years, the average annual compound growth rate will reach 23.1%. As of 2017, the scale of water purification equipment is expected to reach 125.1 billion. However, even if the current rapid development momentum, the penetration rate of water purifiers is still not optimistic. In the water veteran Du Tianlong view, "the current market size and water purifier penetration rate is in a state of integration."
But in sharp contrast to the explosive growth of the market is that the water purifier market has been unknowingly has been extended for nearly 3 years of brutal growth. In fact, behind the steady growth in market demand and sales, the lack of mandatory standards is becoming a stumbling block to further development of the industry. Compared to the new national standard of the net market, the water purifier market is still a lack of uniform mandatory testing standards: "local standards, corporate standards, industry standards and other standards of confusion, the lack of a unified standard industry norms industry development, false exaggerated propaganda, Product quality uneven and so common.
Standard is not unified to bring another constraint, it is lagging behind after-sales service. Some enterprises only sell products regardless of after-sales service, can not protect the safety of drinking water consumers, leading to the credibility of the water industry damage. Specifically, due to the emergence of a large number of small and medium enterprises, electricity providers, all stocks and other online channels to become one of the main sources of sales, even the shortcut-for-core and intelligent core reminder to become a market trend, but the core cost is high, maintenance time Long still still exposed the lack of services.
Admittedly, in the face of the chaotic market situation, only according to the changes in the market environment and timely changes in their own, in order to survive in order to win the market opportunities. Water purifier enterprises must promptly change the "content" of the product, increasing the added value of the product, so as to better meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, the industry veteran Shi Ting pointed out that "from the water purification equipment user evaluation, has purchased the user to comment on the positive, and in the negative evaluation, the user complained about the installation service, logistics, customer service, etc. Improve service from these aspects. "
In addition, according to "China Sankei Shimbun" reported that to strengthen consumer education equally urgent. At present, consumers understand the water purifier to be deepened and improved, the use of water purifiers publicity (including product selection, use and replacement) and industry standardization after the development of popular publicity are very necessary. Only allow consumers to learn the right choice of water purification equipment in order to enjoy a healthy life.
In 2017, the water purifier through the depth of integration of industry, to the next golden age, may wish to wait and see.

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