Chinas construction machinery products import and export in 2016 overall decline


According to the General Administration of Customs data, in 2016 China is construction machinery import and export trade volume of 20.277 billion US dollars, down 9.26%. Of which imports amounted to US $ 3,137 million, down by 1.50% year on year. The export value was US $ 16.66 billion, down 10.6% year on year and the trade surplus was US $ 13.644 billion, down US $ 1.96 billion.

Exports, due to the overall decline in the international market demand, China is construction machinery products in 2016 fell since 1998, in addition to the international financial crisis in 2009 led to China is construction machinery exports fell sharply from the highest decline.

The main categories of products, according to the number of export statistics: excavators, paver, more than 100 tons of truck cranes, forklifts, concrete machinery, tunnel boring machine, elevators and escalators, drilling machinery and pneumatic tools export growth, loaders, bulldozers , Other road machinery, engineering cranes and construction cranes, non-road dump trucks fell. According to the amount of export statistics: paver, forklift growth, the remaining categories of products exports are down. In the forklift, the export value of the electric forklift increased by 31.9% and 20.2% respectively, and the export value of the internal combustion forklift was 14.4% and -2.70% respectively. Electric forklifts, large tonnage truck cranes and other products export situation is better.

In 2016, construction machinery parts and components exports 60.64 billion US dollars, down 5.79%, accounting for 35.8% of total exports. Export machine machine 10.895 billion US dollars, down 13.1%, accounting for 64.2% of total imports. (Down $ 222 million), other truck cranes (down $ 166 million), crawler excavators (year-on-year decrease), non-road dumpers (down $ 227 million), elevators and escalators ($ 173 million) $ 146 million), tower cranes (down $ 105 million) and other exports by more than $ 100 million in 2015, a year-on-year decline in exports.

In terms of imports, due to the second half of the domestic market demand, 2016, the overall decline in construction machinery declining trend narrowed, down only 1.5% for the year, the smallest decline since 2011.

The main products of imports in 2016 include excavators, paver, other road machinery, elevators and escalators. Among them: crawler excavators increased by $ 156 million, an increase of 35.3%.

Imports of more products are: other cranes, crawler cranes, electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, drilling machinery and pneumatic tools, tunnel boring machine, concrete mixing machinery, tower cranes, truck cranes and so on.

In the major countries of import and export trade, the total import and export and trade volume of the United States declined. The import growth from Japan was more and the Japanese exports also decreased significantly. The total import and export volume of Korean imports and exports increased with Germany. (+ 67.6%) in 2015, showing a significant decline in 2016; India, Thailand, Australia exports have increased, especially in the Indian market demand growth in 2016, China is export growth More; Russia from 53% of exports in 2015 fell back to 2016 2.43% decline, so that its export ranking to be maintained in the twelfth; "along the way" along the country, Pakistan because of its infrastructure progress Speed up, and become the largest growth in the main market.

In the key exporting countries, the export of Turkey to 325 million US dollars, an increase of 0.8% for China is construction machinery exports the 14th largest market, accounting for China is total exports of construction machinery 1.92%. Export products, elevators, parts, forklifts, loaders and excavators and other top.

Exports to Russia 45.1 billion US dollars, exports accounted for 2.66%, ranking second in China is construction machinery export market, exports fell only 2.43% year on year, this decline compared to 2015 compared to 2014 fell 53%, showing Russia Market demand stabilized. Major export products for parts, loaders, elevators, forklifts, bulldozers, excavators and off-highway dump trucks.

Exports to South Korea 543 million US dollars, an increase of 7.66%, exports accounted for 3.2%, the main export market seventh. The main export products for Korea are parts, tower cranes, forklifts, elevators, crawler cranes, rock drilling machinery and pneumatic tools, concrete machinery and road machinery.

Exports to Pakistan totaled $ 313 million, an increase of 180.7%, ranking the 17th largest export market and becoming the fastest growing major export market. Its main export products include: excavators, spare parts, concrete machinery, rollers and other road machinery, crawler cranes, loaders, truck cranes and so on.

Exports to India, 610 million US dollars, an increase of 18.3%, exports accounted for 3.59%, ranked fourth in the export market. Mainly for the export of export products: parts, elevators, forklifts, loaders, excavators, road machinery, concrete machinery.

Exports to Indonesia, 527 million US dollars, exports accounted for 3.11%, ranked ninth in the export market. Major exports to Indonesia: parts, elevators, excavators, forklifts, loaders and concrete machinery.

Exports to South Africa $ 249 million, exports accounted for 1.47%, and its main export products: parts, elevators, forklifts, loaders, excavators and road machinery.

Based on the above major export market prospects, the Association in 2017 focused on these countries to carry out publicity, marketing and exhibition organizations. With the deepening of China is reform and opening up, we should use the national "one side" strategy and international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation policy, to seize the favorable opportunity to increase the focus on market development, speed up the pace of market restructuring, Machinery international market share.

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