Traffic infrastructure started the peak year to promote the recovery of mining machinery industry


2016 is the first year of China is thirteen five plan, but also the completion of a well-off society in the final stage of the year, then 2017 is the beginning of China is traffic construction peak year, is also a well-off society built a crucial year. It is foreseeable that, while real estate investment continues to grow, transport infrastructure construction will also usher in an important growth period in 2017.

There is an old saying called "to be rich, first road", we can see traffic construction is to go in front of economic construction. Since the year 2016 the country has been made in full swing village, highway, railway, provincial highway, national highway, airport, water conservancy and other projects, 2017 is launched, so 2017 is China is traffic construction project started Peak year, but also China is aggregate demand for aggregate year, is China is mining machinery industry recovery year.

Among them, the "three-year action plan for major construction of transport infrastructure" clearly, 2016 ~ 2018 will focus on promoting the national transport infrastructure major construction projects, the total investment of about 4.7 trillion yuan of railways, highways, airports, urban rail transit Investment opportunities for the project are emerging.

And along the way along the way continued to promote the Silk Road along the 65 countries in a large part of the country in the infrastructure is relatively weak state, and relying on the economic corridor along the way to transport infrastructure construction as a breakthrough in infrastructure investment in Asia Banks and Silk Road funds and other related funds with the support, along the country will set off a wave of infrastructure construction. This is bound to the global mining machinery industry to bring a great boost and recovery hope.

With the advancement of China is "13th Five-Year Plan" and the advancement of building a well-off society in an all-round way, China has also set off a wave of infrastructure construction, such as railway, highway, airport, village construction, new urbanization and new countryside Planning, etc., need a lot of aggregate support, which also gave China is mining machinery industry recovery has brought another wave of backbone support.

The president said that by 2020, China will fully build a well-off society, before that, China is mining machinery industry is a great opportunity for rapid development, which for the first two years into the winter of the mining machinery industry is undoubtedly a good news , Red Star machines believe that the future in the domestic construction machinery industry market will be filled with more opportunities to refuel!
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