2016 China Construction Machinery: broken ice rebirth


2016, if you use two keywords to summarize the development of China is construction machinery this year, than the "warm" and "hope." From the beginning of the year, excavators will be a historic increase, 9,10,11 for three consecutive months or more than 70%. Other products are also moderate recovery. This moment, we look forward to more than five years, hard to come! Review 2016, this is a broken ice rebirth, bring hope and turn for the year, it is worth remembering!

Data to pick up the industry to break the ice rebirth

From the beginning of 2016, the construction machinery data began to show signs of warming. According to China is construction machinery business network statistics, excavators this year is transcripts the most eye-catching! February began to pick up strong, since August, year-on-year sales of explosive growth, for four consecutive months rose more than 40%, of which 9,10,11 three months or more than 70%. The loader showed signs of bottoming in July and August, and began to stabilize in September. Since 2016, bulldozer sales into the bottom stage, slightly improved year on year. Construction machinery industry bottomed out, broken ice rebirth.

Cross - border expansion of construction machinery industry chain

Construction machinery major production enterprises, in doing a good job of traditional products at the same time, continue to cross-border extension, expand the industrial chain. March 2016, Sany was established in Zhuhai Jiulong insurance, becoming the first service in the equipment and equipment manufacturing industry-related professional insurance companies. December 26, Sany Heavy Industry shares of the Sanxiang Bank opened, will be the main high-end manufacturing, medical and medical, cultural tourism, new energy and new materials and government platform five directions. At this point, Trinity cross-border finance, better services for the construction machinery industry. Whether it is cross-border, or expand the product chain, the host companies are actively seeking new profit growth point, or better serve the main business, or open up new industries and new products to achieve diversified development.

Country III to implement further regulation after the market

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the implementation of the national third stage non-road mobile machinery diesel exhaust pollutant discharge standards, April 1, 2016, in addition to agricultural machinery, all manufacturing, import and sale of non Road mobile machinery shall not be fitted with diesel engines that do not meet the requirements of the third stage of the "non-road standard" (the "three standards"). The implementation of this policy will speed up some of the non-compliance of the construction machinery products out of the market, improve manufacturers production costs. This is another important step for the country to eliminate backward equipment and protect the environment. At the same time, China Construction Machinery Industry Association is also in the establishment of product identity card, the future, the market will be included in the stock "construction machinery body identification code" a book, all the construction machinery products will be well documented.

Rising costs enterprises are facing new pressure

From the second half of 2016, coal and steel prices, 921 policy, the logistics costs began to rise sharply. This has just picked up the recovery of the construction machinery industry to add new market pressures. High production costs, which makes the three as the representative of the construction machinery manufacturers are brewing product price tide. Prices, will become the future trend, but the time!

Overseas market is still booming

2016 international economic situation is still complex and changeable, but the Chinese construction machinery overseas large single emerging, accelerate the pace of internationalization. The enterprises have along the way along the country, large single layer out. At the same time overseas factories, to speed up the localization of construction. Germany BMW exhibition held, but also to Chinese enterprises to better demonstrate the brand strength to the world.

Shanghai BMW Show to accelerate the internationalization of the industry

On November 22, 2016, baumaChina2016 was held in Shanghai. This is the first event after the industry picks up. Domestic and foreign enterprises to display the latest innovative products, a four-day exhibition brought together from 149 countries and regions, more than 170,000 professional visitors, customers and manufacturers to build a wide range of exchanges and cooperation platform to promote the international development of the industry The

Intelligent application of a wider range

Intelligentization is the trend of industry development. In 2016, the pace of development of intelligent robots, the application of more and more wide, from production to driving, from construction to rescue. The major enterprises through the development of engineering machinery intelligent hydraulic system and control system to achieve the intelligent operation of the excavator, and ultimately will help to achieve the excavator hydraulic system and control system localization. At the same time, intelligent rescue equipment is also fully into the market, in the fire, fire, earthquake play a role in reducing the personal injury of disaster relief personnel. In the future, intelligence should be applied more widely.
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