Mine machinery and equipment safety issues need to pay attention to what


In recent years, with the continuous development of economic and technological and social progress, the domestic modern mine machinery manufacturing level has been greatly improved, but compared with the developed countries also have a certain gap; modern fully integrated mining equipment penetration rate is also low, some Although the use of the introduction of advanced equipment, but because of other countries, the digestion of technology is not complete, still can not be normal use and maintenance, some of the advanced features are not fully play out, and worse, because the blind pursuit of production, ignoring safety , The safety monitoring device as the impact of the production of the cumbersome and removed, resulting in a large security risks, equipment failure can not be found and processed. In order to maximize the pursuit of the interests of the original equipment is not eliminated, to the design life is still overdue service, most of the equipment overload operation, bringing a lot of security risks. The poor working environment is also an important factor in the reduction of equipment safety, such as humidity, dust, radiation and other factors, resulting in the reliability of safety monitoring equipment decreased; some managers blindly pursue production, there are chances, resulting in fault safety Monitoring system is not timely maintenance and replacement, but also reduce the safety of equipment, resulting in repeated incidents of safety accidents one of the reasons.

Mine machinery and equipment in the long-term heavy load and alternating load state of work, prone to a variety of security risks, if not found in time, the equipment is still in heavy load, high speed and other environments, it may lead to the occurrence of malignant accidents. Although the modern testing technology and equipment are constantly updated, due to the complexity of mining machinery and equipment and the complexity of its working environment and a large number of unpredictable contingencies exist, mining machinery safety testing technology still need to constantly improve and improve, especially In terms of sensitivity and reliability, many complex problems need to be further studied.

Although many of the current machinery in the safety design has been more mature theory and methods, but for some large and complex key mining machinery and equipment, there is only security design theory, there is no mature, the ideal security design method. Such as: So far, China is transport maneuvering characteristics of research only stay in the theoretical analysis stage, the urgent need for relevant experimental research and verification; in the design of the boring machine, there is no suitable for China is geological conditions of the complete cutting, shipment and walking Load spectrum, which have a certain degree of security design constraints. And foreign mechanical safety design compared to a larger gap.
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