Analysis on the Survival and Development Environment of Special Reducer for Small and Medium Crane


Good and stable external environment is the protection of enterprise survival and development, regardless of the central government or local governments at all levels, in recent years have attached great importance to small and medium-sized cranes dedicated reducer enterprise survival and development environment improvement, and introduced a number of laws and regulations, the effect Also more obvious.
But relatively speaking, the survival and development of small and medium enterprises still no fundamental improvement, especially in recent years has encountered unusually severe and complex international environment, survival and development pressure to further increase.
The first is the raw materials and labor costs, financing difficulties, financing difficulties, heavy tax burden, market access restrictions and lack of rights and interests and other factors not only squeeze the small and medium-sized cranes dedicated reducer business profit margins, but also further weaken the survival of small and medium enterprises Capacity and development base.
Secondly, the credit guarantee system of small and medium-sized enterprises is not standardized, the number of institutions and the amount of guarantee are insufficient, and the development is not effective support; and credit rating agencies are not only limited in number, the credibility of the rating results are generally not high.
In addition, this is not perfect social credit system in the current harsh economic environment once again encountered challenges, many companies even at the tax evasion, fake and other means to reduce costs, resulting in market competition unfair.

Compared with the development of large enterprises and the construction of large projects, the foundation of sustainable development of small and medium-sized cranes is still relatively weak, which leads to the weak ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to develop agglomeration, low market ability, flexible and competitive advantage Market development function has always been unable to form, need to adjust the transfer mode as an opportunity to enhance the overall strength and quality of development as the goal, in-depth and solidly do some basic work, continue to lay a solid foundation for small and medium enterprises.

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