Cement prices in some areas of the Yangtze River Delta


February 27 Zhejiang Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Jiangsu Nantong and other places to increase the price of the label of cement 10 yuan / ton; Shanghai part of the enterprise low standard bag bulk cement raised 10-15 yuan / ton. Yangtze River Delta region Quotes hot! The price difference is different from the early part of the market is also high-grade cement also rose.
According to previous years practice, years later the rural market started slightly earlier than the engineering market, so low standard cement rose ahead of schedule. The high-grade cement up to a certain extent indicates that some areas of the engineering market has been restored, start faster.

By coal and other cement production of raw materials prices high, increased transport costs and peak production and other factors, this year is price increases node 10 days earlier than in previous years, and continued bullish sentiment is more intense. According to the author learned from the market feedback, driven by the impact of the surrounding market, the Yangtze River Delta region price range and intensity will further expand the fear of southern Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places is expected to adjust the recent high standard cement. Another region clinker market is still the Heat, there are signs of rising again.

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