How to grasp the water composition in the concrete mixing plant


In the concrete mixing plant for the production process, the number of moisture affects the quality of concrete. Therefore, in the process of production, the operator of the water directly to determine whether the concrete finished product can be used. In this case, the operator of the concrete mixing plant is requested to be able to grasp the operation of adding water.
The concrete mixing station is produced at the time of production, and the water is distributed to the mixer to summarize the water needs to change the amount of water required to adjust the additional combination of planning. For example: the total density of 2400kg / m3 need to change the water about 24 liters, due to the total moisture content of 1% change.
Concrete strength also has direct moisture resolution. So in the process of production, change the impact of water / cement than the weight of the aggregate of water content, thus affecting the concrete compression and tensile strength. The durability of concrete creep is mixed with the cement ratio, so that water can indirectly endanger the durability. Self-shrinkage may also come from a different water content, since it is consumed by the internal water during the hydration process.

So whether it is in the strength of the concrete or the durability, the water has a major weight. So the quality of concrete mixing plant production and moisture consumption is also a great correlation. Today, many concrete mixing stations are beginning to use humidity sensors to deal with this question. If your concrete mixing plant does not have an experienced staff, advocate you use the relevant equipment to complete this operation.

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