"Made in China 2025" markedly: multi-province equipment manufacturing industry speed


Ministry of Industry and Deputy Minister Xin Guobin recently attended the meeting in the machinery industry revealed that this year is the implementation of "Made in China 2025" key year, the equipment manufacturing industry should be the main battlefield for the construction of power this year.
"Made in China 2025" for the long-term development of equipment manufacturing industry to specify the direction of the province to further promote the level of comprehensive improvement in the manufacturing sector, the current number of provinces and cities are actively developing equipment manufacturing industry.
Shandong: equipment manufacturing industry strong growth
2016 closely around the "China Manufacturing 2025> Shandong Province Action Plan" to grasp the cutting edge of the world technology and industrial development direction, in accordance with high-end, high quality and efficient development requirements, Shandong to increase support for the equipment manufacturing industry, the focus Equipment backbone industry implementation of the loan interest policy, in the field of equipment manufacturing industry in depth to carry out the first (sets) of technical equipment and key core parts of the insurance compensation, to promote the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry.
In 2016, the value added of equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong Province increased by 7.6%, 0.8 percentage points higher than that of all the above-mentioned industries, 0.5 percentage point higher than that of the previous year, showing strong growth momentum. Equipment manufacturing industry accounted for more than the scale of industrial added proportion of 29.4%, reaching the highest level in history.
From the sub-industry, auto, general equipment, special equipment and other industries added value increased by 11.7%, 8.2%, 6.6%, followed by an increase of 5.0,4.4,0.6 percentage points over the previous year. Communications equipment manufacturing, computer manufacturing, electrical and electrical machinery equipment manufacturing and other high-end equipment manufacturing industry to achieve more than 9% growth rate.
2016 equipment manufacturing industry accounted for above-scale industrial added value of the proportion of 29.4%. The investment in technological transformation of equipment manufacturing industry accounted for more than 30% of the investment in industrial technology investment, reaching 33.8%. The investment in computer communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing, instrument manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry increased by 28.5%, 24.9% and 10.9% The
Anhui: machinery industry for the first time exceeded one trillion yuan
Recently, Anhui Machinery Industry Association, Anhui Machinery Industry Federation was informed that over the past year, Anhui Province, the scale of industrial enterprises above the scale of industrial output value for the first time exceeded one trillion yuan mark, reaching 1029.9 billion yuan, up 5.65 percent over the previous year, ; To achieve the main business income of 896.4 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5%; profits of 45.58 billion yuan, an increase of 7.54%; completed export delivery value of 46.89 billion yuan, an increase of 3.79%.
Most of the key product growth. The number of vehicles was 1,453,000, an increase of 17.84%; 35354 vehicles were modified, an increase of 8.18%; diesel engine 319,000 units, an increase of 7.1%; forklift 96190 units, an increase of 16.61%; hydraulic excavators 10991 units, an increase of 1.84% Voltammetry, an increase of 12.19%; garbage disposal equipment 2109 tons, an increase of 69.26%; pay motor 17,558,800 kilowatts, an increase of 5.42%; industrial and mining accessories 30568 tons, an increase of 24.95%.
Technological innovation to speed up, further improve product quality. (IEV), Aft robot, and so on a large number of mechanical products were rated as 2016 brand-name products in Anhui Province.
Key enterprises to further bigger and stronger. The total industrial output value of the Group is main business income was RMB1,308.8 million and RMB9,133 million respectively, respectively, and the total output value of the Company was RMB15.01 billion and RMB43.185 billion respectively, representing an increase of 22.5% and 17.95% respectively. An increase of 20.38% over the previous year and 9.93%, are a record high. Specializes in the advantages of new small and medium-sized enterprises more prominent.
Product exports developed rapidly, Anhui car exports have been among the best, Chery cars, Jiang steam light truck exports ranked first in the country; forklift exports to achieve new growth, further expand the export market.
Hebei: equipment manufacturing industry to sit on the "top spot"
The latest statistics show that in 2016 Hebei equipment manufacturing industry to complete the added value of 302.93 billion yuan, an increase of 10.2%, the annual scale of equipment manufacturing industry profits 79.25 billion yuan, more than the steel industry 28.57 billion yuan.
Since 2016, Hebei Province, a total reduction of 17.61 million tons of iron production capacity, steel production capacity of 16.24 million tons, the completion of the national target of 169.5%, 198.0%; the other hand, nurturing new kinetic energy, the equipment manufacturing industry, The largest industry as a strategic support for the future industry to carry out carefully, to innovation and intelligence, machine and supporting, manufacturing and services to the development of the direction of cooperation to promote the formation of high-end complete sets of equipment as the main core components as the basis, intelligent manufacturing equipment Leading the high-end equipment industry system.
According to statistics, "second Five-Year" period, Hebei Province, the province is equipment manufacturing industry completed a total investment of 1.86 trillion yuan, the proportion of industrial investment accounted for more than 30% per year.
Hebei equipment manufacturing industry is the rapid development, there has been a large amount of rapid growth, high proportion, the contribution of many good prospects. It is estimated that by 2020, Hebei Province will basically build an important base of new industrialization and modern manufacturing base in North China. It will form an advanced manufacturing system with high-end, intelligent, service and green as the main features, and realize the equipment manufacturing industry Added value reached 500 billion yuan.
Hubei: cultivate 100 intelligent manufacturing "Little Giant"
Hubei Province has recently released the "Hubei Province Intelligent Manufacturing pilot demonstration project implementation plan" and other eight plans and programs, after the Hubei Provincial Government and the provincial government office, the provincial letter has issued seven opinions or planning, covering the promotion of industrial restructuring Upgrade, aviation industry, Beidou satellite navigation application industry, energy saving and environmental protection industry, intelligent equipment industry, new energy vehicles and special vehicle industry, rail transportation equipment industry. The first half of this year will be released "Hubei Province manufacturing talent development plan (2016 ~ 2020)".
"Hubei Province, the implementation of strong industrial projects (2016 ~ 2020)" around the industry, "the four base" that the core of basic components (components), the key basic materials, advanced technology and industrial base.
By 2020 the initial establishment of industrial development and coordination, the starting point of the industrial base of the industrial system. 40% of the core of the basic components (components), the key basic materials to achieve independent protection, advanced basic technology to promote the application rate of 50%, the initial establishment of industrial technology base system, basically meet the high-end equipment manufacturing and national major project needs.
The specific target has to promote about 80 kinds of iconic core base parts (components), about 70 kinds of iconic key basic materials, 20 or so iconic advanced basic technology to achieve engineering, industrial breakthrough. Advanced rail transportation equipment, information and communication equipment, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, power equipment, "four base" problem first to solve. Cultivate 100 or so annual sales income of more than 1 billion yuan, with international competitiveness of the "Little Giant" enterprises; the formation of 10 or so with international competitiveness, annual sales income of more than 30 billion yuan of basic industrial agglomeration area.
Liaoning: this year is expected to be better than last year
Recently, Liaoning Province Industrial and Information Technology Committee Deputy Director Gao Wei said that with the macroeconomic situation for the better, this year, Liaoning Province, equipment manufacturing industry is expected to be better than last year.
It is understood that solid construction of the province is industrial supply side of the structural reform, is the Liaoning provincial and municipal governments to make important decision-making arrangements, including equipment manufacturing industry in the supply side of the structural reform is in a very important position, mainly in the three Aspect:
From the industrial scale, in 2016, Liaoning Province, equipment manufacturing industry industrial added value accounted for 34.1% of industrial enterprises, an increase of 1.8 percentage points over the previous year. The proportion of profits accounted for 47.6%, close to half of the country, equipment manufacturing industry as the first pillar industry in Liaoning Province, the status of a more solid, has become the main supply side of the industrial structure of the main battlefield.
From the industrial characteristics, Liaoning Province, a large number of equipment manufacturing industry, process technology is complex, is the supply side of the structural reform of the difficulties. At the same time, equipment manufacturing industry also provides equipment for other industries, affecting the supply side of other industries structural reform. Therefore, the equipment manufacturing industry is the supply side of the structural reform of the top priority.
From the industrial status, equipment manufacturing industry is the province of Liaoning Province, the province of the province, is the revitalization of Liaoning old industrial base of the main driving force. Therefore, the equipment manufacturing industry is the core of the structural reform of the supply side.
The characteristics and advantages of equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province provide important support for structural reform of industrial supply side in Liaoning Province, mainly in two aspects:
First, the advantages of industrial base obvious. Liaoning Province equipment manufacturing industry in many areas have a strong comparative advantage. High-end CNC machine tools, robots and intelligent manufacturing equipment and other high-end equipment in the country occupies an important position; metallurgical petrochemical complete sets of equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment and other equipment in the country have a strong influence. Especially military equipment in the country has an irreplaceable position. At the same time, Liaoning Province in many key areas, have a number of representatives of the national level of the vanguard enterprises.

Second, the innovation system is perfect. Liaoning equipment manufacturing technology talent, research and development strength, has formed from the education, scientific research to the complete design of the supporting system, with Dalian University of Technology and many other well-known institutions of higher learning, Shenyang Institute of Automation, more than 10 domestic famous countries Level research institutes, Shenyang Institute of Transformers and other nearly 10 research and design units. There are 294 enterprises above the provincial level technology center (including state-level enterprise technology center 22) and 14 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises. These R & D institutions and scientific and technological personnel for the development of equipment manufacturing in Liaoning Province provides a solid technical support.

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