Concrete mixing plant equipment in the construction industry development and advantages


China is urbanization process continues to move forward, ready-mixed concrete in the country large and medium cities have been rapid development and application, the concrete mixing plant has also been rapid development.
1. Intelligent intelligentization is the ultimate direction of all mechanical equipment, concrete mixing station equipment is no exception. Most of the manufacturers in this area have a lot of investment, but can only say that still in a relatively low state of intelligence, in this regard, to a more complete sense of intelligent as a starting point.
2. High-precision high-precision mainly refers to the aggregate, cement, water and admixture measurement accuracy, the current accuracy there is a larger room for improvement. The high precision of metering is the goal and development direction of the mixing station in our country. It is worthwhile to discuss how to improve the accuracy of the metering device only by increasing the measurement accuracy to produce higher-grade high-strength concrete.

3. Standardization of the standardization of mixing station is the ultimate direction of its development, any equipment standards, the world has international standards, China also has its own industry standards. Standardization can fundamentally reduce product costs, save a lot of energy resources, the face of the current tight natural resources and high energy consumption and low output situation, we call the relevant industry authorities and large enterprises to promote the cause. Although China has the mixing station industry standards, but far from being able to adapt to the current pace of development of the mixing station, the standard is lagging behind, the industry standard to a certain extent, did not play a guiding role, many manufacturers of a hundred schools of thought contend, a standard situation Market chaos, so that the majority of units using investment waste.
4. Domesticization from import to domestic China is the development of machinery and equipment, the localization of equipment to a large extent can reduce product prices, and improve product after-sales service. Imported equipment is mainly expensive and after-sales service is not timely, in particular, spare parts can not be timely supply, for the above situation of foreign major machinery manufacturing companies have moved to China to set up joint ventures or wholly-owned companies, which is a certain sense of localization, and Can enhance the overall level of China is machinery manufacturing industry. Concrete mixing plant is no exception, localization is the inevitable direction of its development.
5. Environmental protection At present, China is concrete mixing plant low environmental protection from the dust, noise and pollution to improve and improve the three areas. In the dust in the powder to be transported in the way to be controlled, such as cement silos on the use of imported dust collector, the main building to install dust collector, screw machine feed to the wind tank feeding and the entire station can be reduced dust and so on To minimize the noise; by improving the performance of the host and the closure of the station and take the noise board and the like to reduce the noise to the lowest; in pollution through a variety of ways, such as the construction of wastewater sedimentation tank and the secondary circulation filter and bone The second use of the material. In addition all the powder material from the feeding, ingredients, measurement, feeding to the mixing material are carried out in a closed state. Mixing machine cover, cement metering warehouse, fly ash metering tank of the dust pipe are connected with the dust collector, aggregate filling mouth set dust board to reduce dust emissions. The fully enclosed agitated main building and belt conveyor structure greatly reduces dust and noise pollution to the environment. The use of negative pressure dust and special fiber filter cloth to make the dust when the feed completely into the dust collector and not to the surrounding diffusion, and the collection of dust can be easily recycled, effectively protect the environment.
6. With the further improvement of urban infrastructure in China, the demand for concrete will be reduced to a large extent in the case of relatively reduced urban construction, such as further investment in large-scale buildings, and the cost recovery and profit will Delayed and reduced. From the long-term perspective of small and medium-sized mixing station is a possible development direction.
7. The popularity of the western developed countries, concrete mixing station mechanization than we have more than 20 years ago, the current popularity has been quite high, from the city to the countryside have been achieved concrete mechanization. According to China is current situation, the popularity of commodity concrete needs a long process, and now only a few developed provinces in the coastal areas or the more developed villages began to popularize commercial concrete, such as Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province Yangxun town (Zhejiang economy first town ) There are already three commodity concrete companies, residents have already started building commercial concrete. I think in the near future China is commercial concrete universal to the vast rural areas is not a dream.
8. The degree of automation and control of a higher degree of automation is a station to reflect the technical level of the main signs. From the most primitive artificial stirring to the drum stirring, from the drum stirring to the forced mixing station, from the side of the main station to 60 to 1.5 square host of 90 stations, from the two-party host 120 station to the three-party host 180 , And now even the emergence of the four-party host of 240 stations. But by 2002 after the various commodity concrete companies began to use more than two parallel host parallel way to solve the increase in production capacity while ensuring a standby and reduce the waiting time of concrete carriers. The control system is currently relatively large and stable, the degree of automation is generally high, can be fully automatic long continuous production without interruption. The operating platform and computer monitoring in the control room can visually reflect the entire production process and the situation of each part, such as cement storage in cement silos, aggregate storage in aggregate silts, transport of aggregate, and concrete discharge Situation, once a part of the problem can be found in the shortest possible time and timely solution.
8. Higher reliability Concrete mixing station in China after more than 10 years of development, so far its reliability is high. Its development process is the introduction - digestion - part of the domestic - all domestic - to improve. It is quite normal for ever to produce 10,000 square concrete concrete products, and its key components such as host, screw, main control and pneumatic components have been fairly stable, such as the use of a unique high chromium high manganese alloy wear Material, shaft support and seal form with a unique multi-sealed or airtight, greatly improving the reliability of the host. For wear and tear, such as unloading hopper, crossing the bucket and so on with wear-resistant steel plate in the inside to strengthen; ring belt joints at the curing bonding, the service life than ordinary steel riveting increased by 3 times, which is to ensure its High reliability of the prerequisites.
All mixing stations are controlled by industrial control computer, both automatic control can also be manually operated, easy to operate. Dynamic panel shows the operation of the various parts of the mixing station, and can store various data of the mixing station, according to the requirements of printing various types of statements, storage formulations up to tens of thousands of more than. Control room equipped with air conditioning to ensure that the electrical components durable, stable and reliable performance, the control system is basically used in two ways, one is dual-machine dual control form, the system to two high-performance industrial computer, one as the master Production system, the other as a management and monitoring system doubles as the master production machine backup machine, as the main control system with manual and automatic functions, control machine and management machine data sharing, control machine failure can be converted to the management machine Work, to ensure maximum continuous operation of the system. Another kind of industrial computer plus batching control instrument composition, that is, ingredient control instrument data input to the industrial computer, through the board or PLC programmable controller output signal to ensure the system continues to run normally. In the host unloading mouth, ingredients station and other key components can be set to monitor the camera.
Industrial computer through the external sampling through the calculation, comparison, processing, output control external drive components, which really realized the mixing station computer control. Management and monitoring of the computer system as a complete set of electronic control system backup system, if the main computer problems users can choose to backup machine system work, so that at any time to ensure that the machine is running normally, and will not affect the production. The system has a statistical report on the production of daily reports, monthly reports, on-line detection and monitoring role, and has a fault diagnosis to help guide the user system maintenance. Operator panel manual button system to complete the automatic control of ingredients, discharge, out of concrete manual control functions, all kinds of electrical components are from internationally renowned manufacturers.
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