Production and consumption of the world is first cement industry, how to adjust the industrial structure


Cement industry industrial structure adjustment

Into the winter, Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding areas frequent haze. For the release of industrial structure to adjust the potential to solve the fog, etc., the state decided to implement the whole process of energy and dust and other industries, such as cement, iron and steel, electricity, flat glass and other industries behind the backward production capacity.

China is cement production and consumption rank first in the world, the cement industry, how to adjust the industrial structure?

In order to meet the needs of various construction projects for different strength cement, China has been in the common cement standard series has been set 52.5,42.5 and 32.5 high and low three kinds of cement, cement production and consumption, the three standard cement ratio serious imbalance, low Labeled 32.5 tons of cement as much as 2/3 of the total.

China Cement Industry Association senior adviser Gao Changming said the industry to take effective measures to quickly reduce the proportion of 32.5 cement, which is correct and necessary measures. But still too late, 32.5 cement is not "nothing" or "there is no harm to harm," need to combine the facts and technology trends at home and abroad on the 32.5 cement to be objective and scientific assessment, do the supply side of the reform of the cement structure adjustment work. Cancel 32.5 cement is to yield good recipe?

In China, due to the market demand for 32.5 cement is very large, coupled with production and sales 32.5 cement profits are always at the highest level, pushing up the proportion of 32.5 cement, 2015 accounted for more than 63% of the market, 32.5 composite cement has become a lot of counterfeit " Fake "cement main goal. At present, China has been completed in the administrative procedures to cancel the national standard of 32.5 composite cement, 32.5 composite cement cancellation has also been reported pending.

According to statistics, the international 32.5 cement in the proportion of total cement consumption in 1960-2000, respectively, reached a peak, that is, 30-80%. Gao Changming said that 32.5 cement is an indispensable cement variety established in the universal cement standard series in the world to meet the actual needs of various construction projects. Any one of the national standards, there is no "advanced cement" and "backward cement" points. So the national standard series of low-grade 32.5 cement as "backward cement", it is clear that some non-cement professionals hopefully, misunderstanding "low" means "backward" due.

Reducing excess capacity should cut excess clinker

The impact of low-grade cement on the construction of the main role in the concrete, industry insiders believe that mixed varieties and mixed with the amount of confusion, product quality management is difficult. Some of the cement production enterprises, especially the small grinding station for the pursuit of high profits, at the expense of product quality, in the production of 32.5 cement in the ultra-mixed, chaos mixed with mixed materials, due to complex varieties and the lack of effective quality control means, production Composite cement can not effectively control the harmful chemical composition in the mixture, it is difficult to protect the quality of cement products, building quality and safety risks.

32.5 composite cement in the body will be mixed with a large number of composite materials, to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, industrial waste consumption plays a vital role. Tsinghua University, Professor of Civil Engineering Professor Lian Huizhen said, in order to backward production capacity, take a mixture of cement surgery, "can only be said to be unworthy." Industrial waste resource, is an inevitable trend, the cement industry duty-bound. "Cut production capacity, can not give up the mixture, you must come up with the courage of the warrior broken wrist, act decisively, cut excess clinker.

Cement clinker is made of limestone and clay, iron raw materials as the main raw material, burned to some or all of the melting, and obtained by the semi-finished products.

It is reported that the current general trend of international cement production is to promote the development of mixed materials deep processing technology to stimulate the activity of the mixture to replace part of the clinker, the production of low clinker mixed cement, that is, 32.5 and 42.5. In particular, in recent years due to the progress of concrete admixture technology, the equivalent amount of 32.5 cement is now ready to produce high quality and strength of concrete, not necessarily use medium and high standard cement Caixing.

Lianhui Zhen said that for concrete, the nominal strength of cement is no longer important. Resulting in the quality of domestic construction, low life for many reasons, such as the lack of long-term concept and planning, short-term serious behavior and planning and design requirements are low, the building has not been the use of the demolition of the construction, blindly reduce costs and cut corners and so on.

Industrial adjustment can not be "one size fits all"

There are saying that the world has long been out of 32.5 cement, the United States are almost all 62.5 high-grade cement, Japan is the use of 52.5 high-grade cement, African countries, the lowest label is 52.5, only 32.5% of China is cement More than 60%, China should have canceled all 32.5 cement.

Gao Changming said that the fact is precisely the opposite of the above statement, almost all countries in the world today have 32.5 cement, or equivalent to 32.5 cement national standards, the market also has 32.5 cement sales. Such as Germany, in 2015 32.5% of the total consumption of cement accounted for 22.1%.

According to statistics, Germany, France, the United States, Britain, Japan and the Nordic and other advanced cement technology countries, 32.5 cement accounted for 10-20%, 42.5 cement for 50-60%, 52.5 cement 40-20% 62.5 Cement is almost zero.

"China is current 32.5 cement accounted for the proportion is indeed too high, should be gradually reduced, but because of its large amount of large, international experience shows that the proportion of 32.5 cement must be actively and orderly gradual implementation of the sudden to cancel all 32.5 cement, Overkill. "Gao Changming said, jumping from one extreme to the other extreme, easy to cement concrete, waste comprehensive utilization of the market caused a huge impact. Should be carefully advancing to promote, to prevent "Destructive Enthusiasm" desire and not up to!
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