Energy saving and environmental protection help construction industry development


2016 government work report: 2016, to actively promote green building and building materials, vigorously develop steel structure and assembly of buildings, improve building standards and quality. Create a smart city, improve the living environment, so that people live a more peace of mind, more peace of mind, more comfortable.
2016, to expand the coverage of green standards to support the promotion of energy-saving environmental protection advanced technology and equipment, extensive contract energy management and environmental pollution third-party governance. Increase the intensity of building energy efficiency, accelerate the transformation of traditional manufacturing green. To carry out national energy conservation, water-saving action, to promote waste disposal, improve the recycling of renewable resources network, the energy-saving environmental protection industry into a pillar industry in China is development.
National guidance policy
January 16, 2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban issued "to strengthen the green building evaluation logo management and filing work notice", called around the promotion of green building as an important starting point, to develop appropriate incentives and measures to vigorously guide and promote green building development The The notice stressed that the Ministry of Housing and Urban will be around the green building supporting incentive policies to develop a special investigation, and as a selection of renewable energy construction application demonstration city, green building demonstration community, one of the basis of the title. All localities should strictly follow the relevant evaluation of technical rules, local standards and other provisions to strengthen the green building evaluation logo review and management work to improve the quality of work to ensure the healthy development of green building.
September 14, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting, decided to vigorously develop the assembly of buildings, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. The meeting held that, in accordance with the requirements of the structural reform and the development of new urbanization in the supply side, we will vigorously develop the assembly structure of steel structure and concrete, and develop new energy-saving and environmental protection industries to improve the safety of construction and promote the excess capacity effect. The meeting decided to focus on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration and other cities with a resident population of more than 3 million to speed up the increase in the proportion of assembly-building to the new building area.
November 2016, the State Council issued a "on the establishment of a unified green product standards, certification, marking the views of the system." The requirements, in accordance with the unified directory, unified standards, unified evaluation, unified identification of the principle of the existing environmental protection, energy saving, water conservation, recycling, low carbon, renewable, organic and other products into green products, build a unified green product standards , Certification, identification system. The purpose is to improve the green market system, increase the supply of green products. This view for the development of China is green cause of great significance for the development of green building materials industry guidance more targeted.
Local execution
The development of green building, the government is the leading, to grasp the direction. How to make the green wind in the industry prevail, so that the green concept enjoys popular support, in addition to the need for national policy from the protection, but also around all walks of life and the strong implementation and implementation. Only a multi-pronged approach, can really effectively promote the cause of green building on the road to healthy development.
September 2016, as a guide to Shanghai assembly architecture "thirteen five" development of the programmatic document, "Shanghai assembly building 2016 - 2020 development plan" release. The plan clearly put forward the guiding ideology, development goals and countermeasures for the development of Shanghai assembly buildings during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and pointed out the direction for the development of industrial construction in Shanghai in the next five years.
During the period of "13th Five-Year Plan", Shanghai will take the leadership of the government, market-leading, industry linkage, quality improvement, science and technology pilot, innovation and transformation of the principle, focusing on overall planning to strengthen the top design, improve the standard system to promote the construction model innovation, And the level of supervision and so on, comprehensively promote the development of assembly buildings in Shanghai. It is hoped that through the efforts of the next five years, we will build a system of assembly system, technical system, production system and supervision system to meet the characteristics of Shanghai, and form a market mechanism and development environment suitable for the development of assembly architecture.
By 2020, the assembly of buildings to become one of the main construction model in Shanghai, building quality to enhance the overall energy-saving emission reduction, green development effect is obvious, a substantial increase in innovation capacity, the formation of a more complete assembly-type construction industry system. The next step, Shanghai will continue to increase the assembly of building to promote efforts to comprehensively enhance the development level of assembly-style buildings, striving for the modernization of the national housing industry model city.
Zhejiang Province:
May 1, 2016, Zhejiang began to implement the "Green Building in Zhejiang Province Ordinance." The regulations establish a combination of classification and progressive progress of the implementation of the green building mechanism, which is clear, the new civil construction, the general implementation of one-star green building mandatory standards, state organs, office buildings and government investment or government investment Of the other public buildings, the implementation of two-star green building mandatory standards, and authorized the city and county government through the preparation of green building special planning to determine the level of local economic development in line with the green building technology level. In addition, the regulations also established a existing building energy consumption regulation and transformation system, provides a number of incentives to support the development of green building policies.
Shenyang city:
April 7, 2016, Shenyang City Construction Committee said that for the bigger and stronger assembly-style buildings, to accelerate the formation of new economic growth point, Shenyang will introduce multiple favorable policies, to boost the development of residential industry. Including in the government investment in construction, municipal engineering, public facilities, rail transportation, urban integrated corridors and other supporting infrastructure projects in the comprehensive use of industrial construction; in the administrative area of real estate development projects in the implementation of industrial construction, From the three ring within the scope of gradually expanded to Xinmin City, Liaozhong County, Kangping County, Faku County outside the region, prefabricated assembly rate as planned to reach more than 30%; support enterprises in the economic zone within the contract, sales of products, Promotion of technical advisory services, and constantly expand the scope of application of industrial engineering construction.
Hebei Province:
In January 2017, Hebei issued "on the development of assembly-oriented construction of the views." The views made clear that the struggle to use 10 years or so, so that the province is assembly-style buildings accounted for more than 30% of the proportion of new construction area, while the formation of assembly to adapt to the development of the market mechanism and the environment, the establishment of sound laws and regulations, standards and Supervision system, cultivate a large number of design, construction, parts and components of large-scale production enterprises, as well as modern assembly and construction technology level of the general contracting enterprises and the corresponding professional skills team.
The opinions clearly put forward 10 key tasks such as speeding up the development of standards, enhancing the design capability, developing the parts of the parts, raising the construction level, promoting the decoration of the building, cultivating the leading enterprises, implementing the general contracting, and promoting the deep integration of the assembly and information Stressed the accelerated development of green building materials evaluation, the establishment of green building materials evaluation logo system, the development of various types of building materials, green evaluation of technical requirements, the release of green building materials catalog, vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources, good function, good quality new Green building materials. Build green building materials selection mechanism to improve the green building materials in the assembly of the application of the proportion, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting green building materials.
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