The use of belt conveyor in the small problems


When the belt conveyor is used in special circumstances, the following precautions apply:
If the temperature exceeds 400 degrees Celsius, then the general will use high temperature stainless steel mesh belt, so to ensure that the conveyor in high temperature environment to normal operation. In addition, because the belt conveyor in the course of the use of heating phenomenon, so when used should leave some space.
 If the belt conveyor is in a corrosive environment, then we should take some anti-corrosion measures to avoid damage to the conveyor.
 Mesh conveyor should pay attention to good lubrication, because once the parts of the wear phenomenon, it will affect the conveyor life.
 If the processing space is not large, or the need for repeated processing, then the conveyor should have a good turn performance and improve performance, so that can meet the requirements.
 Mesh conveyor conveyor belt slip solution
 Using the belt as a carrier for transportation, for a variety of food industry drying, cooking, frying, dehumidification, freezing and other metal industry cooling, spraying, cleaning, drain oil, heat treatment and other processes.
 Mesh belt slip solution:
<P> 1. Solve the heavy hammer tension belt conveyor belt with a slip. The use of heavy hammer tension device mesh belt conveyor, in the belt conveyor belt can be added when the weight to solve, add to the network without slipping so far. But should not be added too much, so as not to make the mesh belt conveyor belt to bear unnecessary excessive tension and reduce its service life.
<P> 2. Solve the screw tension or hydraulic tension mesh belt conveyor belt slip. The use of screw tension or hydraulic tension of the belt conveyor, the emergence of mesh belt slip can be adjusted when the tension to increase the tension. However, sometimes the tensioning process is not enough, resulting in the belt conveyor belt appeared a permanent deformation, then the network can be cut off a section of re-vulcanization.
<P> 3. In the use of nylon belt or EP is required to stretch the long stroke, when the trip is not enough to re-vulcanization or increase the tension stroke to solve the problem of mesh belt conveyor belt slip.
Adjustment Method of Tape Conveyor Tensioning
Net belt conveyor tension of the normal or not directly affect the use of the conveyor effect and service life, tension will be too loose will form a chain of teeth or jump teeth, and tension too tight also affect the service life of the ribbon chain, Or even can not turn or turn the net belt up and down beating.
Mesh conveyor tension adjustment is divided into three steps: first to adjust the drive shaft and passive parallelism (parallelism can not reach the formation of the belt conveyor deviation and side of the teeth) and then drive the end bearing, Sprocket fixed, adjust the sprocket center distance. Passive end by the loose to tight bilateral parallel tension, then hand vertical upward support the lower layer with the chain to reach the lower track 50mm so far, and finally fixed passive passive bearings and tension bolts can be.
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