What factors should be considered for custom link plate lines


Chain plate line also called chain or chain plate conveyor line, and its working principle is to use the chain plate to pull the workpiece automatically conveyed to the standard roof chain as the bearing surface, the motor reducer for power transmission, running in a dedicated rail. Because it is simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance, can bear the load is large, can be long-distance transport, in addition, the conveyor surface is relatively smooth, so the chain plate in the household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, engines, printers, automation Assembly line production equipment and coating production line equipment and other industries in the assembly and transportation in a wide range of applications, both can transport bottle-like objects, but also can transport box objects, enterprises in the custom link plate line to consider the following aspects.
(1) chain plate line width: according to the production workshop planning and the size of the selected transport
(2) Chain plate line body height: selected according to the height of the production workshop line
(3) chain plate line length: according to the production workshop planning a reasonable choice
(4) Chain plate line plate spacing: generally equal to the chain pitch used
(5) chain plate plate chain material: the material of the chain plate is stainless steel, engineering plastics, etc. In addition, you can do galvanized, chrome, encapsulated, mainly based on conveying materials and process requirements
<6> Chain plate frame Material: stainless steel and carbon steel spray
(7) chain plate board chain speed: electronic speed control or frequency control
 In addition, also consider whether there are some special requirements, such as linear, turning or climbing type, whether equipped with a separate table, power outlet, air-assisted facilities, customers in the custom link plate conveyor line to the manufacturers Provide the above technical parameters.
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