Some Characteristics of Chain Conveyor


The main function of the chain conveyor is the conveyor chain, because the chain structure of the various, so the characteristics of the chain conveyor is summarized as a chain of input function for a large number of use of the environment and the use of many requirements. Specific can be summarized as the following points:
All kinds of boxes and other goods. Take the weight of goods, small to a few grams of electronic components, up to 10t above the goods can be used to enter the chain.
2. The adaptability of harsh conveyor rings
 Chain conveyor can work in almost all kinds of harsh environments, whether it is low temperature, high grade, dust, toxic media, corrosive media and rough loading and other conditions can be adapted. So in the low-temperature cold storage, high temperature for the trunk, rough loading of the forest, multi-dust cement plant and equipment coating line are willing to use chain conveyor.
3. Arrival of the flow of goods
Chain conveyor can not only achieve horizontal, vertical and tilt transport.Also can be based on the plant environment conditions, no multi-machine combination, can be used for ups and downs of the transport. Not only can achieve a straight line transfer, but also for the ring conveyor, so that the flow of goods have the greatest arbitrariness.
4. Work only to carry accurate and hidden
 The operation of the chain conveyor is carried out by driving the sprocket and the chain to drive the chain, so there is no elastic sliding with the drive to ensure that the input speed of the chain feed machine is correct and stable, ensuring accurate synchronous delivery The Therefore, in the automated production process often use this feature to control the production line of the rhythm.
5. Long life, high efficiency
The life and efficiency of the conveyor depends on the feed element, and the conveyor element of the chain conveyor is the conveyor chain. Conveyor chain components, although also use a variety of different properties of materials to manufacture, but mainly the use of metal materials. Even with the use of a variety of materials made of the chain, the chain in the design and manufacture also requires to achieve the overall and component performance of harmony and reasonable, so compared with other input components, conveyor chains are high strength, long life characteristics. Coupled with the chain and the sprocket is engaged with the drive chain chain internal friction resistance is small, so the chain conveyor has a long life, high efficiency characteristics.
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