Analysis on the Rapid Development of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant


In the new round of concrete mixing plant construction and development tide, commodity concrete mixing station occupies an increasing proportion, why the development of commercial concrete mixing station will be so fast in it?

1. Construction project intensive, professional needs

Commodity concrete is the advanced stage of engineering construction and development, it is the embodiment of social progress and civilization construction. The concrete concrete mixing station makes the concrete production change from extensive production to intensive production. It embodies the specialization, commercialization and socialization of concrete production. It is the construction industry that relies on technological progress, transforms the small production mode and realizes the construction industry. Important reform.

2. The basic guarantee of construction quality

The production of commercial concrete mixing plant by the professional and technical personnel in a separate laboratory in strict accordance with the mix, the use of computer control, through electronic measurement, accurate production to meet the architectural design requirements of various strength grade of concrete. Especially the use of admixtures and active blends produced high-strength concrete, not only greatly accelerated the progress of the construction, but also a fundamental solution to the scene of mixed concrete easy to form the quality of hidden dangers.

3. Signs of urban civilization construction

The application of commercial concrete mixing plant can greatly reduce the noise, dust and road pollution problems, and solve the problem of dirty, chaotic and poor construction and disturbing the traffic pressure of urban roads.

4. good economic benefits

Commercial concrete mixing plant all use of bulk cement, with an annual output of 400,000 m3 of concrete about 19.45 million tons of concrete, according to the national bulk cement office estimates, per ton of bulk cement can save packaging costs 350,000 yuan, saving 72,900 degrees, Cement loss of 500 tons, bringing comprehensive economic benefits of 10.53 million yuan.

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