Advantages of Investment in Concrete Mixing Plant


In the investment of a project, the customer first to consider is what the advantages of the project, investment in concrete mixing plant is no exception. This article on the advantages of investment in concrete mixing plant analysis, for everyone a reference.

1. Market demand

Our country is recent economic layout in recent years here. Restart the "Silk Road" not only led the whole line at home and abroad on the size of the provincial and municipal economic development. While the entire line of infrastructure is also very large scale. In this context, our concrete mixing plant market will be more and more fire!

2. Industry is a new impetus

Concrete mixing plant has been closely linked with the downstream consumer industry. With the brand marketing competition and the rising consumer demand, the downstream consumer industry continues to improve the quality of goods and beautifully, the overall market presents a wide range of application trends for the concrete mixing machinery industry continues to bring new impetus.

3. National support force

"2011-2020 China Concrete Mixing Plant Industry Development Program" proposed: the next 10 years, China is concrete mixing plant machinery industry will continue to enhance the level of science and technology, focusing on the development of high-grade concrete mixing plant machinery, narrowing the gap between domestic and foreign technology, domestic equipment domestic market The share of about 70% and increase exports. At the same time, the 12th Five-Year Plan pointed out that the second five is expected to achieve the industry output value of 40 billion yuan, strong national support efforts. This is for investors, no less than a needle tonic.

4. rise momentum

According to the National Concrete Association statistics, since 1986 began to record to 2010, the national ready-mixed concrete production has been showing a good upward trend, and 15 years without reversal. Expert analysis, the national ready-mixed concrete production continued to rise momentum will continue for 10-15 years, that is stable and rising momentum will last up to 20-25 years. This provides strong support for investing in concrete mixing stations.

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