The construction of commercial concrete mixing plant is of great significance


The emergence of commercial concrete mixing station marks the transformation of concrete from extensive production to intensive production, which is an important reform to realize the construction industry. At this stage the construction of commercial concrete mixing plant is of great significance and broad prospects.

Product quality engineering construction is guaranteed

In the construction site mixing concrete, cement, aggregate, water and so can not accurately weigh, can only rely on the experience of the operator construction, can not technically ensure the stability of concrete quality, prone to quality accidents. The production of commercial concrete mixing plant by the professional and technical personnel in an independent laboratory in strict accordance with the mix ratio, the use of computer control, through electronic measurement, accurate production to meet the architectural design requirements of the strength of the various levels of concrete, in particular the use of the The high strength concrete produced by admixture and active admixture not only greatly accelerates the construction schedule, but also fundamentally solves the quality hazard caused by the stirring of the concrete at the scene, which is guaranteed by the construction.

Environmental performance strong enough to eliminate dirty, chaotic, poor

Concrete pre - mixing is a symbol of urban civilization construction. The widespread use of commercial concrete mixing stations can greatly reduce the noise, dust and road pollution problems, and solve the problem of dirty, chaotic and poor construction and disturbing the traffic pressure of urban roads.

Increased utilization to save resources effectively

Commercial concrete mixing plant fully uses bulk cement, saving packaging materials and cement loss during dismantling. In accordance with the national bulk cement office estimates, each use 10,000 tons of bulk cement, can save 10 million packaging costs, saving 20,000 degrees, reduce the cement loss of about 2,000 tons. At the same time, due to the scale effect of commercial concrete mixing plant and the realization of the professional production after the technical level, the production process to reduce the loss of raw material utilization.

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