Large Inclination Belt Conveyor Operating Procedures and Maintenance


Large Inclination Belt Conveyor Operating Procedures and Maintenance
First, the operating procedures, the operator should be familiar with the belt conveyor instructions and performance characteristics, master the equipment operating procedures and the safety regulations.
2, belt conveyor before the boot, the operator should first check the equipment fasteners are fastened, if loose should be tightened in time.
3, check the equipment lubrication points are lubricating oil.
4, check the conveyor belt is worn, cracks or other damage, if it should be handled or replaced.
5, check the belt conveyor is a sharp foreign matter, so as to avoid damage to the equipment.
6, check the belt conveyor with or without roll phenomenon, such as should be promptly dealt with.
7, the operator to determine no abnormal situation at the same time, to start the electronic control start button, the load operation.
8, belt conveyor in the course of operation, the operator should always observe the equipment feeding situation, the amount of material should be adjusted within the scope of equipment delivery, feeding should be uniform.
9, belt conveyor in the load operation process, the operator should always check the equipment with or without abnormal circumstances, to avoid foreign matter fell on the conveyor belt, timely detection and timely processing.
10, the operator should grasp the belt conveyor deviation adjustment technology, such as the belt deviation or belt is expected to be elongated should be adjusted to observe whether the roller and guide roller rotation, if damaged should be dealt with in a timely manner.
11, the equipment load operation is completed, the equipment should be clear all the materials on the row, and then press the stop button on the control box to turn off the electric roller stop.
12, in the equipment maintenance, maintenance personnel should cut off the power, so as to avoid accidents.
13, the equipment is completed, should be cleaned by the operator cleaning equipment health work.
Second, maintenance
1, belt conveyor electric drive device should be changed every three months of oil, oil level should be within the upper and lower limits of equipment requirements.
2, often check the roller and guide roller is oil, every six months for a refueling, with grease lubrication.

3, maintenance personnel should always check the belt on the interface whether the degumming and cracks.

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